Wondering what an Indian head massage is? It is a treatment based on the science of ancient Ayurvedic techniques that are performed on the shoulders, upper back, neck, face and scalp. It’s a holistic and therapeutic treatment, which heals the mind, body and spirit.

Holistically relaxing therapies are known to promote a sense of calm in your mind and soul, relieving you of any stress; emotional or physical.

During an Indian head massage treatment, a variety of movements are used to relieve the accumulated stress. and it is known for its physical medicinal properties, assisting with many problems.

Here is a list of few exceptional and miraculous benefits of a Indian head massage

Prevents Migraines, Headaches and Back Pain

Often tension in the upper back and neck can lead to migraines, headaches and body pain that makes an individual’s day to day life uncomfortable. It also sometimes leads to depression, owing to the constant pain that refuses to go away. Indian Head Massage is a technique known for its therapeutic properties.

The massage specialist starts the head massage by applying pressure on the points on your upper back, arms and shoulders with the aim to release the stiffness in your muscles. The therapist will then progress onto your neck and scalp, applying pressure onto key areas that are known for promoting blood flow and removing toxins and waste products.

Promotes Hair Growth

Any individual looking for remedies to grow their hair naturally, this is the one-stop solution to all your hair growth issues.

Indian Head Massage is miraculous as it increases nourishment and oxygen flow to the scalp and opens up blocked pores for better cleansing. This fantastic technique directly works on your hair follicles, strengthening the roots for healthy luscious hair.

Promotes Better Sleep and Combats Insomnia

Stress is a common factor in today’s day, owing to unhealthy lifestyle. Stress often leads to sleeplessness and insomnia. Indian head massage is akin to a boon that instantly relieves you of all tension, increasing blood circulation in your body.

When an expert uses pressure on specific points, it not only promotes a healthy flow of blood but also restores the harmony of many internal functions of the nervous system. If you want to relieve yourself of sleep problems effectively, connect with Indian Head Massage experts at Bodytonic Clinic.

Detoxifies the Body

As surprising it might be to read, it is true. Indian Head Massage does not only enable proper circulation of blood in the body, but it also allows proper lymphatic drainage and blood flow in the neck region. This process helps to remove toxic waste from the body.

Rising Above Depression and Anxiety

As much as you would like to deny, the issue of depression and anxiety is real, and almost half of the world population is dealing with it every day.

Indian Head Massage is the miracle of ancient Ayurvedic technique that helps combat the early or dominant signs of severe stress that can lead to depression or anxiety. It also fights the existing issues of the symptoms if any, when a massage therapist induces relaxation in your body through activating relevant pressure points.

Boosts Energy

Indian Head Massage works on the concept of Ayurveda and it works on the holistic healing methodology. The expert massage therapist, through their skilled hands and techniques, restores a balance in the 7 Chakras, inducing an immediate energy level reboot in your body. It effectively combats dullness, lethargy and fatigue.

Mind-Body Reset

Indian Head Massage is such a skilled art of healing. It is akin to pressing the reset button on your body. When a therapist performs an Indian Head Massage on you, not only will your body relax, but you will feel an ultimate quiet and calmness in your mind.

It promotes heightened awareness in your body, which will also help you with a good memory, excellent cognitive abilities and focus.

Final Thoughts

Indian Head Massage is a sure shot way to deal with day to day issues in your body, occurring because of external factors. Not only it promotes holistic healing, but it also strengthens you from your core to deal with daily stress and fatigue.