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How to Neutralize the Effects of Caffeine for a Good Night’s Sleep?

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Do you always find yourself tossing and turning under the covers wondering why you can’t seem to sleep even though your body can feel the extreme exhaustion of working? Did you consume coffee or tea right before heading to bed? Is this habit messing with your sleeping hours? How do you eradicate the destructive effects of caffeine on a good night’s sleep?
Effect of CaffeineCaffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea often disrupt your ability to gain a sufficient amount of sleep and relaxation due to their stimulant effect on the body. You feel overly energized to keep participating in activities other than sleep until the caffeine content in your body is neutralized. There are effective ways to neutralize the caffeine in your body without having to take another 8 hour shift of work that leaves you too exhausted to start the following day.

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Some ways include the implementation of a caffeine detox formula or ingestion of supplements such as RutaCleanse or RutaSleep before heading to bed.

1. Drink lots of water

It takes a long time for the human body to break down caffeine content. Drinking lots of water will quicken this process and flush the caffeine from your body through the urine. Drinking one gallon of water a day will help you neutralize the overall effect of caffeine in your body.

2. Exercise

Instead of heading to bed directly after drinking a caffeinated beverage, head to the gym to exercise. This will advance the levels of eradicating the effects of caffeine by increasing your metabolism.

3. Apply a caffeine detox formula

There are many caffeine detox formulas that are sufficient for all who are addicted to consuming caffeinated drinks and food such as coffee, tea, wine, chocolate etc. This formula can reduce the inclination to ingest caffeinated foods and drinks and substitute them with other healthier meals that make the body relax. This includes eating fruits rich in potassium and calcium such as bananas, or drinking half a glass of warm milk.

4. Ingest supplements which are made from natural fruits

These supplements effectively reduce the high levels of caffeine in the human body immediately after consumption and produce a great sense of calmness, ease any tensions and immediately stop the over-stimulant effect of caffeine in the human body.

5. Use sleeping pills

This is a common remedy. However, it is advisable to visit a doctor for the right prescription that will not cause a health risk to your body. Sleeping pills are known to simply induce your mind and body to focus on resting at all costs and the caffeine stimulant levels will inevitably drop due to this effect and you can sleep through the night.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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