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In our modern world today, it is impossible to find someone who doesn’t have a phone. A lot of people are so used to their phones that they cannot do without it for few seconds.

Our mobile phones have even become an extension of our arms. Few days back, I read of a boy who was put in a rehab center because he is addicted to phones.

A lot of people are addicted to their phones, and this makes them carry their phones on their bodies and also put them in wrong places. This post will expose the wrong and dangerous places your phone shouldn’t be.

Keeping your phones in the wrong places can be dangerous for your health. It increases your exposure to electromagnetic waves which cause a lot of chaos in the body.

Don’t Put Your Phones in This Places

1. Front pocket

Men are affected by this more than women mostly because they don’t carry bags. It is more convenient for them to put it in their front pocket.

However, this has a negative effect as many studies have shown that the radiation from these phones can affect their reproductive health.

The electromagnetic radiation produced by these phones greatly affect the quality and quantity of sperm produced. Over time, it can lead to infertility.

The longer a man keeps putting his phone in the front pocket, the higher his risk of infertility by sperm damage.

2. Your back pocket

A lot of people including you might be guilty of this. This feels comfortable, especially when you are not carrying bags and you need to free your hands.

Studies have shown that the radiation coming from phones placed in the back pocket can lead to pains in the stomach and legs. Do you feel this frequently?

Then check where you place your phone and change the position. It is best to carry phones in bags and not directly on our bodies. Putting your phones in your back pocket will also disrupt the circulation of blood in your body.

Apart from this, your phone can break easily, someone can pick it without you knowing, or it could even dial a number without you knowing.

3. Stroller

Mothers are guilty of this. They put their phones in a stroller along with the babies, this is wrong. You are exposing your little angel to electromagnetic waves.

The scary thing about this is that little babies from birth to three months of age have no immune system to protect their bodies apart from their skin.

They depend on the immune system of their mothers through breast milk. Scientists have made us know that this is not safe for babies.

Exposing little babies to radiation from cellphones can cause behavioral problems when they are growing up. An example of this is hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder.

4. Under your pillow

Many feel that for the sake of conveniences, their phones should be under their pillow. I make this mistake in the past, I set alarm on my phone and use that excuse to put it under my pillow or close to my head.

When I go to know of the dangerous impact this has on my health, I had to stop it. You are exposing your brain to electromagnetic radiations by doing this.

Overtime, you will have frequent headaches and dizziness. Also, this can affect your sleep and cause insomnia overtime. While you are sleeping, notifications can come in.

These sounds and light will definitely affect your sleep. The light produced by the phone will affect the functions and production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

This will lead to sleep problems like insomnia and this will start deteriorating your body. Insomnia has been linked with many chronic diseases because it robs the body of the time it uses to heal and repair itself.

Also, there have been cases of phone explosion and fires due to overnight charging. When a phone is charging, it gives off heat. This heat released will not be able to escape from under the pillow.

This will make the phone so hot and explode. This can harm you physically.

Your health comes first before anything. If you are not healthy, you can’t run around your business and one of the ways to protect your health is to handle your phone wisely.

5. Your bra

I remember in my secondary school, phones were prohibited yet many girls including me sneaked them in. And guess the perfect place we always hid them to prevent being caught? You are right! Our bras.

Unknown to us, we were exposing the delicate tissues of our breasts to harmful radiation and this was increasing our risks of breast cancer.

Putting a phone in your bra increases your risks of breast cancer. It also increases your risks of skin problems. Remember that the surface of your phone is loaded with germs and bacteria of different types.

Bringing your phone close to your skin will make it easy for the bacteria to invade your body and cause problems. This can lead to skin problems like allergies, reactions, rashes, inflammation, and many more.

6. Anywhere in the bathroom or toilet

Right now, cellphones are arguably the new newspapers and going to the toilet or bathroom without one seems like a trip to a prison.

However, this is not a healthy act and most health professionals discourage this habit. Taking your phone to the toilet or bathroom will expose it to more bacteria and it will settle on the surface of the phone.

Even if you keep it away from the toilet or on a counter, there are still germs in the air and they can come in contact with your phone.

When you use the phone on your skin, you introduce these germs on your body and there can find a way into your body through your skin pores especially if you have an uncovered injury.

7. On your hip

Carrying your phone in a way that it has close contact with your thighs is not good. Scientists have discovered that the radiation affects your bones by making it weak.

This increases your risks for weak and brittle bones and this will definitely lead to a condition called Osteoporosis. Take care of your bones by eating healthy foods and by putting your phone in a bag that is dense.

8. Against your skin

I have written an article on Phone-induced acne. The surface of your phone is a home to a lot of harmful bacteria.

When you place it against your skin, these bacteria come in contact with your skin and cause skin problems like acne.

Another reason why your phone should not come close to your skin is that it brings the electromagnetic radiation closer.

This doesn’t mean you can’t talk on phone, there is a way to go about this. There should be at least 1.5 cm space between you and the phone.

You can also put it on speaker and if you bothered about your privacy, you can use an earpiece or a headphone. And if you must use your phone against your skin, then imbibe the habit of cleaning your phone regularly with antibacterial wipes or cotton wool soaked in an antiseptic liquid.

9. Charging your phone all through the night on your bed

Charging your phone all through the night on your bed while you are sleeping does not only affect the efficiency of your battery and reduce your phone’s lifespan.

The radiation the phone releases all through the night when it’s charging can affect you. If you don’t care about your phone’s lifespan and you have money for a new one, at least consider your health.

You can’t get a new body. So, put your phone on the floor, away from you at night when it’s charging.

How to Protect Yourself From Harmful Phone Rays?

Even though it is still a heated debate whether cell phones are dangerous or not, many health experts are of the view that cellphones are dangerous.

The WHO even classifies phone radiation as a Class B carcinogen. A carcinogen is any substance that causes cancer. We can’t travel 50 years in time to see the long-term damages of cellphone but we can protect ourselves.

  • Distance is better, don’t bring your phones too close to your body. This will help reduce your exposure to electromagnetic waves.
  • Don’t expose little children to phones, even if you want to let them use it, limit their usage.
  • Reduce the usage of your own phone. You can turn it off when you are not using it especially when going to bed at night.
  • Do not use your phones to make call or receive calls when the battery is so low or when the network signal is bad. The radiation it emits is higher at this time.
  • Health experts advice that your phone should be more than six inches away from your body. Put it in a dense bag.
  • Only use your phone when the battery is sufficient and when the network is strong. It emits less radiation at this time.
  • Put your phones out of our pockets, they should never be in your pockets. This will reduce the amount of microwave radiation entering your body by 15%. Health experts agree that the worst place to keep your phones is in your pockets.
  • You can get an MRET chip. This helps to block harmful radiation from the cell phone. You can get this device from a good phone store and attach it to your phone.

It will protect you by neutralizing the radiation.

  • If you don’t want to switch off your phone when not using it, you can put it on airplane mood. In this mood, the phone cannot send or receive signals and there is also no transfer of radio frequency to cell towers.

In this state, no radiation is emitted. This is not only for flying, you can use this when you want to have a good night rest and you don’t want interruptions.

To turn this setting on, go to settings in your phone, click on airplane mood and turn it on. You can also access it from your home screen by opening the control center and tapping on the airplane icon.

Now that you’ve known where your phone should not be, these tips above will help you know how to handle your phone in a safe way.

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