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Helpful Tips on How to Clean Your Menstrual Cup in Public Bathrooms

Menstrual cups are very convenient to use and has better benefits compared to tampons and sanitary pads. But there are still struggles that can happen, such as cleaning your menstrual cup, especially when you’re in public comfort rooms.

Many women are not into cleaning a cup because it is messy, more so when you have to clean it in public bathrooms. You might get ashamed of other users of the bathroom.

However, at some point, it can open a conversation with your gals! Therefore, there is nothing to worry about because cleaning and changing your menstrual cup in public comfort rooms can be more exciting and fun.

How to Clean Your Menstrual Cup At Home

You should know the normal ways of cleaning your menstrual cup. These are the steps that you can do at home, and that may not be applicable outside.

Clean Your Menstrual Cup With Baking Soda

Many women have struggles in removing the bad odor in a menstrual cup. You can use baking soda in cleaning your menstrual cup. It has an alkaline compound that produces gas when heated.

This reaction will absorb the bad odors from your menstrual cup. The texture and the alkali content of baking soda can also clean your menstrual cup. You can scrub it to different parts of your menstrual cup.

Boil the Menstrual Cup

It is strongly recommended to boil your menstrual cup with water. Boiling water can help remove all the dirt that cannot be seen with our naked eyes, especially those bacteria that might stay in it.

Remember that it collects menstrual blood, and that is not clean so it can cause bacteria to breed in your cup. Use a pot that you no longer use and make sure to separate it with your other kitchen stuff.

Put water in the pot, enough for the cup to be fully coated with water. Then, heat the pot with water and cup till it boils. Set a timer to 10 minutes and wait for it.

Let It Dry

When 10 minutes is over, you can get the cup and put it in a dry cloth or tissue and let it dry. Make sure to store the menstrual cup in a breathable bag.

Do not store it in a very close area. You should let dry with air. In that way, you can avoid the bacteria the nasties that should evaporate.

How to Clean Your Menstrual Cup When You Are Not At Home?

Menstrual Cup

Upon reading the steps above in cleaning your menstrual cup, you should be thinking that cleaning your cup in public bathrooms is hard. However, it’s possible. Here’s how:

Wash Your Hands

When you are outside, you become to dirt and bacteria. Make sure to wash your hands with clean water and soap before removing your cup from inside your vagina.

Do It Quick

When you are outside, cleaning your menstrual cup must be quick or else you can compromise the time of other bathroom users. Skip all the typical ways of cleaning your cup, such as boiling it in water.

Of course! You cannot do it when you are outside and wait till you get home where you can do that. You just empty your menstrual cup in the toilet. You can wash it with water if you have but if not just use a tissue to clean its surface.

Make Sure to Bring On the Go Cleaners

When you know that you have your period, make sure to be prepared. In your bag, bring an extra menstrual cup with you just in case unexpected things might happen.

Bring wet wipes, dry tissue, and bottled water. You can also include sanitizers or alcohol that you can use to clean your hands before and after cleaning your menstrual cup.


Having said all of that, make it a habit to use a menstrual cup instead of pads and tampons. Imagine how you can lessen the garbage in the world. Using your menstrual cup and cleaning it after use can cause a significant impact on saving our ecosystem.

It may be messy, and you might feel embarrassed about doing it in public bathrooms but that only at first. However, if you continuously practice these steps, it will be easier next time. Using your menstrual cup and cleaning it at home or outside is not that hard! You can do it, girl!

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