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Do you have medical and health related questions?  We’ve got the answers…

Healthtian was built with YOU in mind. Our site brings you medical and health related information that is written by our dedicated, passionate team of medical journalists in a way that is easy to understand but is still accurate, enabling you to make informed decisions about your health and wellness.

We’re not here to diagnose or help you self-diagnose your illness or give advice on treatment options. That is the job of trained, medical professionals and we firmly believe that no amount of information and guessing, no matter how educated, can substitute for their learning, experience and actually examining you in person.

And let’s face it – you know that.

We’ve all attempted to use those online ‘Symptoms checkers’ trying to find out what’s wrong with us, and more often than not, the prognosis we derive from them is that we’re dying… which is generally FAR from accurate!

However, when you’re feeling ill, the anxiety this type of ‘misinformation’ adds is very real… and that’s why we exist – to help take the fear and anxiety out of medicine and any medical situation you face for you.

We do this in several ways;

  1. By bringing you comprehensive medically factual, objective information that will help you better understand the medical condition or healthcare concern that you’re dealing with or are interested in.
  2. Helping you to be better informed and therefore better equipped to work with your doctor in making well-informed choices about the avenues of treatment available to you.
  3. Covering the full scope of diseases and health conditions from A-Z including symptoms, medications, the tests and procedures you may be required to undergo, as well as what to expect from these… This effectively eliminates ‘the unknown’ allowing you to confidently navigate whatever medical issue you are facing.

Our site also features the latest medical and healthcare news and innovations, with professional insights that help you to stay updated on the latest developments while separating the facts from fiction.

So, when you have medical and health related questions, the Healthtian Team aims to help you answer them. That is why we have a comment form below every article for your questions and suggestions.


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