Stressed? It has been a part of everyone’s busy and machine life at present. You need to make sure whether you are following the golden rule “The purpose of life is to live forever.”

Relax! It takes less time, good for you, and importantly, you deserve it.  Today we will check out 16 easy to follow tips & strategies through which you can turn your OMG to OM within minutes. Read the guide below.

16 Practical and easy ways to get relieved from Stress and Anxiety

Stress is considered to be a negative emotion that brings obstacles and unwanted changes in your lifestyle. Here are a few strategies that you can follow in your regular day to day habits to stop anxiety from disrupting your well-being and mental balance.

A walk or simple exercise

Whenever you are dealing with stress and anxiety, don’t hesitate to go for a short walk outside. The fresh air will make you feel relaxed and get away from stress.

Based on Mayo Clinic’s research,  it is proven that a small walk or doing any exercise when you are stressed helps to get rid of it in different ways

  • It lowers anxiety as well as mild depression.
  • It can raise your ability and confidence to handle any problem and more.

Intake Ginger

The NCBI has published a study on Ginger, it is deemed as the best homeopathic stress reliever. Eating Ginger is not that hard; you can intake two to three pieces of Ginger to reduce your stress efficiently.

The best Good Night Sleep

Having a good night’s sleep means you are going to feel fresh, active, and relaxed. You will find it hard to sleep in case if you are stressed, but you can try to get sleep or as make sure you are taking at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily and make sure you make it as a habit so that you can quickly get away from the stress without any hindrances.

Utilize flaxseed oil

The best supplement that can be taken by anyone who is dealing with stress. Apart from acting as a stress reliever, it also decreases the chances of constipation, cholesterol, inflammatory diseases, blood pressure, and more.

Here is a study conducted on flaxseed oil and how they help in reducing your stress and anxiety. Have a habit of using flaxseed oil at least once a week.

Soothing music can help

Music can make you happy, feel relaxed, calm, provide a comfortable feeling, and help you to get rid of the stress and anxiety quickly.

Meet your friends or talk to them

In the stressed time, spending time with your friends, family members, or loved ones can help in a better way. A little fun, laughter, and relaxation feel make you forget the anxiety you had before five minutes.

Go for a Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation is considered to be the mental discipline; studies have proved that trying out conscious meditation help to reduce your anxiety and enhances the connections in the brain.

Sip a cup of tea

Chamomile tea is proven as a sleep aid, and it helps to relax by calming down your nerves. Make a habit of sipping a cup of chamomile tea to have a stress free moment. It also helps you in consuming the herbs which are known for their calming effect and relaxation for more than a decade.

Reduce intake of caffeine

This is the one valid point that everyone needs to work on! Yeah, even me. It’s hard to get rid of coffee entirely if you are a coffee lover. In this case, you can reduce the number of times so that you will feel the difference. Why am I saying to reduce the caffeine for relieving the stress?

A study conducted by Dr. James D. Lane states that coffee has more effects which are, “long-lasting and exaggerate the stress response both in terms of the body’s physiological response in blood pressure elevations and stress hormone levels, but it also magnifies a person’s perception of stress.”

Take a deep breath

When dealing with stress, have a habit of taking a deep breath. Make sure you keep your eyes closed, sit straight, place a hand on your belly. Now, start inhaling slowly through, you need to feel the breath from your abdomen and should reach to your head.

Now, again reversing the same process through exhaling through your mouth. Taking a deep breath will help in reducing the stress by lowering the blood pressure and slowing the heart rate.

Laugh Out Loud

I’m not joking, try this once when you are stressed, and you will feel wonders happening. A good belly laughs help to reduce your body’s stress hormone cortisol and increases endorphins, brain chemicals, and changes your mood.

Get a Massage

Massage therapy is the best way to decrease your stress ultimately. This may not be a simple process for everyone, but you can ask your family members or friends to perform a warm massage, which will be highly useful to reduce your stress ultimately.

Avoid processed foods

White flour and foods with refined sugars increase your insulin levels and releases higher stress hormone. Start avoiding fried foods, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, and junk food so that you can get rid of the stress altogether.

Know your signs of stress

Many people start to sweat, bite their nails, tap their feet, and more when they are stressed. You should know your stress signs so that you can control it over time. It is essential to know yourself if you need to keep you happy and active.

Have a day off from your works

Have some time for you. Take a day off from your regular works and start to travel. You can go for a long ride, sunbathing at the beach, go hiking in the mountains, and anything that you are interested in. This will help to reduce your anxiety and boost your mental health.

Adhere to your sense of smell

There are proven records that lavender scents and other aromatherapy using essential oils help to reduce stress.

Handle this problem by taking a proactive approach today! Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends, family members, and closed ones if you feel they need to read this definitely to reduce their stress and anxiety.

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