Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic diet has experienced a massive growth in popularity over the last few years which is evident from Google Trends analytics, which has increased more than twice in the last fiscal alone.

Keto diet was used for the very first time for treating epileptic conditions in children about 100 years back. Coming to present times, this diet is being accepted as the ultimate cure for digestive issues, weight problems, type two diabetes and even prevention of neurological diseases as well as cancer.

But before you jump on to the bandwagon, you need to understand some basics of keto diet to avoid making costly mistakes and usher in benefits on a rapid scale. In our today’s article, we shall share some such pointers which will ensure that you reap the topmost potential of this diet by steering clear of the Keto Diet side effects.

  • Rather than pondering over your comprehensive carb consumption, it is advisable to assess the individual productivity of the carbs consumed. For example, you might consume either fiber rich fruits having disease-fighting antioxidants or cookies with added sugar. Once you are done segregating the carb source, you will be better positioned to map out your diet.
  • While sticking to the ketogenic diet, remember not to be too stringent on yourself, else you might lose the vigour of dieting in its entirety pretty soon. Opt for two servings of fatty fish like sardines, salmon and mackerel on a weekly basis and make use of quality fats such as canola oil, olive oil, MCT oil and avocado oil for cooking up a delectable storm in the kitchen.
  • Many times,beginners confuse the requirement of consuming lower carbohydrates while on the keto diet as steering clear of vegetables. It is true that certain vegetables such as mushrooms and onions having high carb content are advisable to be consumed on a limited scale. But for maintaining one’s gut health it is necessary to channel plenty of minerals and vitamins in our system which can only be possible when we consume those fresh leafy veggies. If you are not much ofa cooked vegetables person, then you can stick to sautés, salads and green smoothies for keeping that nutrition meter filled up.
  • One of the biggest mistakes we make is substituting exercise with dieting. It is imperative to note that both go hand in hand and when implemented together can bring along with unparalleled benefits. Sticking to the keto diet for the first few weeks can be mentally tasking, making it all the more difficult to hit the gym. Hence it is advisable to try out free hand exercises at your house which is often found to help you lose fat and making your body keto-adapted faster. You can try out walking as one of the simplest options and slowly pair it up with sit-ups, pushups and squats.
  • Keto diet leads to higher excretion of potassium from our body, thus making it mandatory to replenish the depleting resource by adding to our consumption of avocados and spinach.
  • Low carb flu, characterized bynausea and tiredness is one of the most common side effects of Keto dietand arises as our body adjusts to ketone usage after being dependent entirely on carbohydrates for long. However, you do not need to worry as this health condition will subside within a week’s time.

Once you have gone through this list you probably know how to proceed with the diet. So, master up the confidence and start walking in the path of healthy goodness.