Protein Powder

As one of the key macros, protein is an essential macronutrient that can help repair tissue and build muscle, which is why it is often linked to working out.

Bodybuilders who are trying to bulk up or anyone trying to build muscle will likely need to hit daily protein goals to achieve this. However, it is hard to get all these nutrients from diet alone, so many turn to nutritional supplements to make up for it.

Whether it be from somewhere online or someone in the gym, the chances are you have heard of protein shakes and smoothies.

These drinks are made with protein powder and consumed after a workout to aid in muscle protein synthesis, making them ideal for fitness purposes. Protein powder can come from a variety of sources, such as whey, and can help you get enough of the nutrient.

While protein powder is often associated with the workout culture, the truth is that it is essentially another source of protein apart from whole foods. Thus, you do not necessarily have to be an active gym-goer or weightlifter to reap its benefits.

When Will Protein Powder Be Useful?

Protein powder can come in handy in many instances, some of which include:

  1. Losing Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, you can have protein shakes as a meal replacement as these have fewer calories compared to your usual meals. Since it can be a big change to transition into a liquid diet, the recommendation is only to replace one or two meals, and not all three, to allow your body to adjust. 

  1. Gaining Weight

On the opposite end, protein shakes can also help you gain weight if you are trying to bulk up. Instead of using them to replace your meals, you can use the shakes as an addition to your regular meals to help you consume more protein.

  1. Going Vegan

Should you decide to go vegan, you will have to get rid of multiple protein sources, such as meat and fish, from your diet. Thus, you will need to get your protein from other sources, and that is where protein powder comes in. Several plant-based protein powders are available in the market to help you get enough nutrients while maintaining your lifestyle.

  1. Intensifying Workout

Did you recently decide to amp up your fitness regimen and increase its intensity? If so, your body will need more protein to keep up with the change and help maintain muscle mass. Rigorous and strenuous exercise can cause your muscle fibres to break and tear, so the protein will help you repair and recover.

How to Select a Protein Powder?

When shopping for protein powder, take note that higher cost does not necessarily mean better. Instead, it is important to purchase from a reputable company that uses accurate labels and proper manufacturing practices.

Checking out the nutritional facts is crucial as the powder will essentially be a source of nutrients for you. Each person’s needs may vary, but it is generally recommended to find one that has low carbs and fats.

Protein powder is the perfect way to help you reach your daily protein intake goals if you cannot do so through your diet. Regardless of whether you need the protein for working out or your general health, you can incorporate the nutritional supplement into your lifestyle.