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Decide to Heal: Important Things You Might Lose From Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is a prevalent issue in society today. Some countries strictly implemented laws to stop these eyesores from giving unceasing serious predicaments in the community. It’s good to know that other countries possess a sense of urgency to solve addiction while others stay complacent about the issue.

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You only live once. Life is short as what you commonly hear from people around you. You could use this short life for a purpose, or you could waste every single minute of it in dedicating your whole life into drug addiction. Everything is a matter of choice. Your choice depends on your decision today.

Make yourself knowledgeable about drug addiction. Read books and do some research for you to know how to help yourself. Take a pause and scroll down the page to see the things you value now that you might lose tomorrow when you dedicate your life into drug addiction.

You May Lose Your Family

You haven’t seen the beauty of the world without your parents. They opened the door of life for you to take the opportunity to live. Your home is your first world, and your family is the first people you see when you open your eyes for the first time. Thus, they become the reflection of the real you.

Drug addiction will change everything. It’s a change for the worse. The family whom you gave your first glance will also be the same people to receive your last glimpse. You might lose the people you call family. You‘ll never have a chance to be with them, to share laughter, to take meals in the dining room, and to tap their shoulders when you need help.

Your family is one of your treasures. They did their very best to raise you well. They provided you a good future. Think of them if you want to continue using illegal drugs. Do you want to make all of their sacrifices be in vain? Please, think again.

You May Lose Your Good Friends

Your circle of friends is your second family. It’s very unusual to hear that a person doesn’t have any friend. There might be a problem with that person because normal people do. Friends are the people you can easily approach for help next to your family. You sometimes tagged them in different ways like common friends, new, and old friends.

Moreover, there’s always what you call a best friend. It’s someone you ever ask for help when you need some, someone whom you receive pieces of advice from, and someone who listens to your rants when you’re angry. You might have more than one best of friends you always treasure, and you consider them as part of your life.

Drug addiction can erase any trace of them from your life. When you’re still starting to use drugs, you may notice that your friends are also starting to walk out. No good friend would choose to stay with drug addicts. Remember, birds of the same feather flock together. Thus, birds with different feather always take separate ways.

When your good friends start to disappear, start to worry about what kind of friends you have right now. Good friends tend to stay at your worst. However, they also leave when you’re getting worse. Also, you may not be rejoicing over having a new circle of friends doing the same thing. They will still go when you have nothing left in you.

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You May Lose Your Career

When you were younger, people always asked you of what do you want to become in the future. You also gave your answers based on your innocence and naivety. In the beginning, you learned how to dream, and you knew the importance of achieving it. That’s why you went to school, received your diploma, and got the job you want.

You’re starting to build your life, and you’re about to establish a career. You’re on your way to achieve your dreams. Suddenly, things happen differently. You notice you have a new circle of friends. You’re now doing things you’re not doing before. You fall into the trap of drug addiction.

Sometimes, involving yourself into drug addiction may not be noticeable. You may say that you can handle everything. Eventually, you’ll find out that you created your trap, and you just let yourself fall into it. If you can’t stop these things from happening, you could lose your job. You could lose your career that you established in many years.

If you’re a person who just started to make your dreams into reality, and you’re starting to try drugs at the same time, you’re just wasting your effort and time. It all started because of your curiosity. When you began to be fond of doing it, you then realized you’re held captive until you don’t know how to extricate yourself out of the trap you created.

You May Lose Yourself

You may lose everything. Your family and your friends may leave you behind. However, don’t lose yourself. If the world disappears, it’s you will remain in you. Keep yourself whole and intact. It’s the only weapon you can use to face the battles of your life, and it’s where your foundation comes from to keep you standing in the midst of the storm.

However, even if how strong you are, you may still lose yourself because of drug addiction. It has a strong influence to twist your way of thinking and change the way you deal with your emotions. It’s so powerful in making your character different from what you were used to be.

If you’ll not turn your back from drug addiction, there’s a big chance of losing yourself. It means putting your whole life into a complete disaster. Use your remaining time to save yourself by making your decision now. Don’t lose yourself. Keep your head straight, and always keep your mind clear.

You May Lose Your Life

Life is too short. You can’t predict what will it bring you tomorrow. That’s why you must live your life to the fullest. Enjoy every single day and luxuriate yourself in what the world provides you. It’s the least thing that you can do to show you’re thankful of having your life by taking good care of it.

Loving yourself is not an act of selfishness. It’s your preparation to help others. Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. If you don’t know how to love yourself, then you are not capable of loving others. Master if first, and give it a chance to discover how to make yourself happy.

However, your ability to love yourself can be fully destroyed. You may reach the point of your life when you can’t define words like happiness and value. It’s when you’ll engage yourself into drug addiction. It’s terrifying to think that drug addiction may lead to death.

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There’s a lot of news reported regarding incidents associated with drug addiction. Drug addicts who got killed in the street, who committed suicide, and those who killed innocent people are some of the usual reports you might hear from the media.

Losing your life will be your dead end. Death will be the last thing to happen to you. Save your life now until you still have time. Professionals can offer you the help you need for you take your first step towards change that you’ve been longing for.


You may not foresee the consequences of your actions today. You may not realize the impact of losing them in your life. However, you may somehow imagine yourself riding on a boat, alone, floating in the deepest ocean. Silence covers the entire place, and even devours the whole you. You couldn’t even escape, and you couldn’t also shout for help.

It’s a nightmare that makes you hate going to bed again. A nightmare that you can stop from happening now. You only need to make a decision. A decision that will make you live your life once again. Can you afford to waste more time for nothing? Make a decision now, and you’ll heal tomorrow. Save your life now and be free from drug addiction.

Author Bio:

Sofia Larosa is a blogger and mental health advocate. She provides tips on how to cope with drug addiction and writes reviews about drug rehab centers like Manitoba rehab facility. Sofia is also a traveler and photographer.

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