Most people tend to think of getting braces as more of a cosmetic thing. Maybe you were born with crooked teeth, so why not be happy with them, right? However, crooked teeth can cause dental and health issues for some people, making braces and orthodontic treatment an important step in better dental and overall health.

Not only can braces, and dental work in general, help with your overall health, it can help with mental health as well. When your mouth gives you a reason to smile it can help boost your mood and help you live a more positive life.

Pain When You Bite

One thing that crooked teeth can do to a person is make it hard for them to eat. If your bite is off it can be painful to do even the simplest thing, like chewing your food. It’s something many people take for granted, but those with crooked teeth know the harsh truth about.

If you have pain when you bite you should definitely visit your dentist. If your dentist determines that it was caused by misaligned or crooked teeth then you should be seen by an orthodontist. There are so many choices in braces today that you don’t even need to worry about being a metal mouth anymore.

Possibility of Cavities

Having crooked teeth also opens you up to more chances of cavities. If you have teeth that are crowding one another or overlapped it can make it difficult to properly floss, while food and plaque can still easily build up in that area. Thus, your risk of cavities is increased.

Once you have a cavity in that area it may also make it more difficult for your dentist to do a filling, and they may need to remove the affected tooth. By getting braces and having your teeth properly straightened you can reduce your risk of cavities and tooth loss.

Straighter Smile, Brighter Future

Not only will you reduce your risk of cavities and tooth pain, and thus reduce your risk of cavity related illnesses like heart disease, you’ll also increase your own confidence by getting your crooked teeth straightened. Not only are smiles contagious to other people, but when you have a confident smile it can boost your own mood.

A clean and healthy smile is not just good for your general health, but also your mental health. It can win friends, get you dates, and even help you get and keep a job. Even if you have to fake that smile to begin with it will quickly become a real one.

If you have dental issues, including crooked teeth, you should check with your dentist and find out if a visit to an orthodontist is the right thing for you. It could make a world of difference in your life and in your health.