Clitoral Hood

For a lot of females, the stage of puberty is when they become aware of what goes on between their legs. At this point, it is very reasonable to realize that there is something in your vagina that feels really good when you touch it, I’m talking about the clitoris.

We are all aware of the importance of the clitoris, but there is a part that you might have overlooked time and time again; that little skin that covers it.

What does this patch of skin really do? Does it go by any name? Well, we’re about to find out. Say hello to the clitoral hood! This thin sheet of protection has a lot of benefits that you would be amazed to know about.

What exactly is the clitoral hood?

That outer pea-sized looking part of the clitoris which is located just above the urethra has a protective fold of skin surrounding it. Taking a closer look at that fold of skin we would notice it is the upper part of the labia, but it has a unique name and performs a particular duty.

The clitoris is super sensitive because it is home to about 8000 nerve endings, and the job of this tiny piece of skin called the clitorial hood is to protect your 8000 nerve ending from harm and irritation.

The nerve endings housed by the clit are known to give you pleasure, but the same nerve endings can cause its owner a whole lot of pain when it comes in contact with excess pressure or a sharp touch. What the clitoral hood does is to create a barrier between the finger, the sex toy, or the penis and the clitoris so that the owner doesn’t feel pain but pleasure.

The nerve endings are vulnerable to irritation from contact with things as simple as tight clothing and even just rubbing your laps together. The clitoral hood, however, protects the nerve endings from such irritations and makes you feel more comfortable.

For some people, the clitoral hood is large enough to cover the entire clitoris, and for some others, it is just a little bit visible. However, regardless of the size or the visibility, it is just as effective in carrying out its duties.

What should be the average size of a clitoral hood?

Like I earlier stated, some people have them large while others have them small. In other words, there is no average size for the clitoral hood. They are created differently in every woman, but they serve the same purpose. So if yours is large enough to cover your entire clitoris you have nothing to worry about as you are perfectly fine.

Clitorial hoods have three popular looks. For a few ladies, it is just a little bit below the clitoris head, for some others, it is halfway into the clitoral head, and for others, it covers the head entirely. Now there may be other variations that I am not aware of, but these are the three significant looks a lot of people are familiar with.

For females who see adult movies, it might be difficult to find your specific clitoral hood twin but that doesn’t mean your sex life will be affected in any way or you can’t enjoy sex the way porn stars do.

What role does the clitoral hood play in my sex life?

When you become sexually aroused, the glans clitoris gets more prominent because it becomes swollen with blood and when this happens the clitoral hood is pushed aside with the help of a natural lubricant produced by the clitoral hood called sebum.

For females with smaller clitoral hood, they may not notice the hood throughout their sexual intercourse as it hides away. But for those with more prominent hoods, you could easily see them. However, regardless of the shape and size, all vaginas are perfect in their unique ways.

People with entirely hooded clitoris might require a harder push against the clitoris through the clitoral hood for them to enjoy enough sensitivity. Don’t worry if your clitoral hood doesn’t roll back on its own; you can easily bring it back with your hand so that your clit is more exposed and you can feel more pleasure upon stimulation.

Deriving pleasure from your clitoris boils down to finding what works perfectly for you. For some women, they would instead roll back the clitoral hood and expose the clitoris before they begin any form of stimulation.

For others, they prefer to rub directly on the hood against the clitoris so that they can enjoy the pleasure for longer. While for some whose hood rollback naturally, they try to get it to cover their clitoris before stimulation for some reason. The choice is yours.

Because ladies with fully hooded clitoris have noticed that the hood does not move back as easily, and they might not want to push it back with their fingers, we have gathered a few sex tips that could help you feel more pleasure in that area whether you are masturbating or having partnered sex.

1. Spend more time on clitoral stimulation than on penetrative sex

Make sure to engage in sex positions that allow your partner more access to your clitoris, even if it requires you also stimulating it with your fingers, that would be fine. Other ways to engage your clitoris more is too introduce more oral sex and fingering into your sexual routine than penetration.

2. Employ the use of lubricants

The vagina is self-lubricating, but there is no harm in adding some synthetic oils because the more the lubrication of your vagina, the more pleasurable sexual intercourse becomes. And also, it helps to reduce whatever discomfort you might encounter when your vagina is dry.

3. Get ready to engage in as many experiments as possible

The best way to discover how to achieve more pleasure from a hooded clitoris is exploring your body on your own. It wouldn’t hurt for you to grab some lubricants, a mirror and just sit in front of it while you explore the possibilities of pleasuring yourself with your hooded clitoris.

Try out different styles with your partner, sexual positions that might put more pressure on your hooded clitoris, and also do not be afraid to make use of sex toys as they are a great way to experiment on yourself.