Scientists believe that self-medication may be one of the main reasons why the blogosphere has been such a huge success. For a long time, healthcare experts have known that writing about your emotions, thoughts and feelings is beneficial to mental health, whilst keeping a diary of your progress when you are working towards a health or fitness goal can help you to stay motivated and keep on track.

Expressive writing – in any form – has a whole range of benefits for both physical and mental health including better coping mechanisms for stress, better sleep and even faster recovery after surgery. In fact, studies show that cancer patients who engaged in expressive writing felt significantly better both mentally and physically when compared to patients who did not.

Writing Improves Your Health

The benefits of writing stretch far beyond the intellectual advantages. Writing can reward us emotionally by allowing us to let go of bottled up sorrow and stress, helping us to control our emotions and stresses.

Blogging is a popular method of doing this, as not only does it allow the blogger to get their feeling and emotions out, it also provides them with an audience, allowing them to have their innermost emotions and thoughts heard.

Tracking the Pattern

Starting a lifestyle blog allows you to enter a flow state where all the built up emotions, thoughts and feelings rush out of your heart and mind through your computer keyboard. This could be in the form of a weight loss progress blog, a mental health blog, a money blog that tracks spending, or something even as simple as a hobby blog that is therapeutic.

When you write honestly about your experiences and how you feel regularly, you will be able to create a gradual collection of emotional experiences and thoughts that are documented throughout your life.

Looking back over your blog, you will be able to see different patterns when it comes to your emotional state and get a better insight into situations that trigger certain emotions in you.

Exercise for Your Mind

Whilst many people pay plenty of attention to their physical health, keeping your mental health in good shape is equally as important. With all the benefits of writing, it seems that it may be akin to eating healthily and getting enough exercise. After all, our mental well-being is just as important as our physical well-being, and writing a blog is one of the best ways to keep yourself emotionally fit.

When we write about our experiences, opinions, emotions and lifestyle, we are providing ourselves with relief by no longer keeping everything to ourselves. Blogging can be done anonymously, making it a perfect choice of platform for those who wish to write about their feelings and emotions without anybody that they know finding out.

Blogging gives people a chance to get their voice heard, but nobody needs to know where that voice is coming from – making it the perfect method of expressive writing with no restrictions. Would you start a blog about your feelings and emotions?