Organic Cosmetic

All of us know that the cosmetics industry uses hundreds or thousands of synthetic ingredients and chemicals to produce cosmetics. All of us also know that chemical or something synthetic is not pure and bad for the health.

Sadly, chemical and cosmetic are inseparable in the modern way of cosmetic making (unlike the organic cosmetic). Your lipstick, skincare, and personal product are intentionally polluted with chemicals and more irony, you’ll buy it.

Of course before you are buying a product you will check out the properties, the healing effect and some of the main ingredients in the label. How about spend a few seconds to identify if some of these hazardous chemicals are included on the label.

If it does, here is what the chemical ingredients can do for your body (even to your kids):


Phthalates is a chemical that always exist in artificial fragrance except Organic Essential Oil. Any products such as nail polish, soap, lotions, shampoo and branded perfume sure are using Fragrance or Perfume/Parfum in it.

As long as the fragrant is not derived from organic essential oil, it is an artificial fragrance and phthalate is one of the chemicals that helps to sustain the fragrance and make it to last longer.

The bad health effect of phthalate is later-life breast cancer, hormone disruptor and early puberty in girls.


This ingredient is found largely in soap, feminine wash, deodorants and antibacterial product. Triclosan actually added for the artificial antibacterial property but since it is still a chemical, it does have the bad health effect.

It caused the body to have hormone disruption, especially to the thyroid hormones. The girls are also facing normal breast development difficulties. Using too much product with Triclosan is also causing resistance to microbial agents.


Everyone knows the parabens family is bad but still exist in the cosmetic industry. Paraben such as butylparaben and propylparaben are acted as the preservative and antibacterial agent in the cosmetic including the deodorant and toothpaste.

But the bad news is, it is cancerous. Parabens exist in almost any products from eyeliner, kid’s sunscreen, blusher, eye drops and face concealer.

Lead acetate/ hydrogenated cotton seed oil

This is a cancerous ingredient, producing toxicity in your reproductive organs and bad for the environment too. In cosmetic industry, this artificial ingredient can be found in hair dye, lipstick, eye shadow and blusher.


These two siblings (BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)) are working as the synthetic antioxidants and also the preservatives in the lipsticks, skin care and hand moisturizer.

Even as food preservatives this ingredient is well used. The bad news is, these ingredients are the human carcinogen and interrupting with hormone functions.

Organic Cosmetics Brand

What are the organic cosmetic brands out there? There are a lot of organic cosmetic companies that you can find in every country in this world.

The awareness of chemical hazard in cosmetic in the public is demanding more companies to supply their customers with natural and organic product which is less chemical and healthier to use.

Here is some of the most successful organic cosmetic brand out there.

  1. Physicians Formula
  2. Ecco Bella
  3. Pure And True
  4. Bare Minerals
  5. Afterglow Cosmetics
  6. Sephora-natural & Organic Makeup
  7. Origins
  8. Zuii Organic
  9. Rms Beauty
  10. Ilia
  11. Tarte Cosmetics
  12. Josie Maran
  13. Alima Pure
  14. Kiss My Face

Organic Cosmetics Are Better

Cosmetics have been used from women to men. It is just a way for them to get their self-confidence and in a special occasion, they want to look great. So it is a necessity to have a makeup or cosmetics at home.

But it made from unhealthy ingredients, it becomes unhealthy for you. So instead you have such a great appearance, you are ruining your body inside. Here are why you have to switch from conventional cosmetics to organic cosmetics.


Some of the chemical ingredients in the conventional cosmetic and personal care utilize petroleum-based ingredients and depends on the chemical reaction that formulated for their product.

Usually, the chemical reaction of these compounds not only stops in the product but also to the environment.

These compounds are polluting the environment because of the continuous chemical reaction that goes to the drain and ends to the environment. By using organic cosmetic and personal care, the polluting chemical reaction can be avoided.

Safe and Healthy

Chemicals are poison. In a small quantity or large, but if you use it frequently like three times a day, you are poisoning your body. Some of the chemical ingredients are hormone disruptor, cancerous, and ruining certain organ in the body.

You are not supposed to do this to yourself and you have to at least get the knowledge about how conventional cosmetics are made and how safe and healthy it is for using organic cosmetic.

Make sure that your cosmetic are certified by the local or international organization that supporting organic and safe cosmetics. Organic cosmetic and natural cosmetic are using less artificial chemical and ingredients in their formula.

Rich of Nutrient

The last thing that your body need is malnutrition. Why do you want to replace natural fruits and vegetable that you can extract to make your own organic cosmetic and personal care? It has a lot of nutrients than the artificial ingredients and it does more than one function to your body.

For example, you don’t have to buy a skin lotion in the market but instead, use sweet almond oil or avocado oil. It works better than commercial skincare because it contents anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and anti-oxidant with a lot of vitamins and nutrients for your hand to keep young and moisture.

By using organic cosmetic, it will avoid you from premature aging, ruining your skin and it will give your skin the nutrients that it needs in every application.

Essential Conclusion

It is time for us to make a change and back to basic. People from hundreds of years before had a lot of beauty recipe that we can apply in our world today to be beautiful but healthy at the same time.

Beauty starts from the healthy ingredients that you eat and use on your skin.

Before everything is too late, changing your cosmetics and personal product to organic cosmetic and personal care is a good start for a healthy, beautiful and new you. Getting Cosmetic products is a click away.