Teeth Whitening

Even with amazing hygiene products and cutting-edge preventative services, oral health problems such as caries and periodontal disease continue to happen at an alarming rate.

With upwards of 90 percent of children and almost 99 percent of adults experiencing tooth decay at some point in their life, everyone should take a look at these five tips that will promote long-term oral health.

1. Cut Out Carb-Heavy Snacks

When simple carbohydrates are ingested, they immediately turn into sugars that can increase the risk of periodontal disease, plaque buildup, and dental caries.

If carbs are eaten during meals, this lingering sugar is often flushed away with other food debris and saliva, but carb-heavy snacks in between meals will result in sugars and acids eating away at the enamel of one’s teeth for hours on end.

2. Test Your Home’s Water

One of the easiest ways to promote oral health is to have a low level of fluoride in the oral cavity at all times. Countless studies continue to show that communities with safe levels of fluoride in the city water will lower the amount of tooth decay.

Families should either contact their local water supplier, speak with their local water administration, or use a home testing kit to see if they have adequate levels of fluoride in their water supply.

3. Don’t Skip the Checkups

Those who feel as if they have a healthy and attractive smile may skip regular checkups for years on end, but this can result in major issues down the road.

The average dental checkup is about much more than cleaning away plaque and quickly inspecting the teeth and gums.

Patients at places like Paramount Dentistry who schedule appointments one to two times a year will be able to catch major oral health problems such as oral cancers and unseen decay in their earliest stages.

4. Brush at the Right Times

Keeping up with great oral health at home is about much more than brushing whenever possible.

In fact, many specialists now claim that when patients brush is one of the single most important factors when it comes to healthy teeth and gums.

No one should brush immediately after consuming acidic liquids such as energy drinks and certain juices as it can cause further damage to the enamel. Brushing 30 minutes to an hour after meals as well as rinsing with water can limit this type of damage.

A large amount of oral health problems are completely preventable, and this is why everyone should keep up with great hygiene habits at home and never forgo annual checkups at any stage in their life.