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7 Reasons to Never Eat Sugar


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You might think that sugar tastes pretty good, but the rest of your body doesn’t feel the same. There have been more and more warnings about sugar presented to the public over the last few decades, but some people just can’t give it up.


If you’re one of those people, here are a few scary facts about sugar consumption that may just make you change your mind.

1. Type 2 Diabetes

Years of sugar consumption can affect the body’s reaction to insulin, a hormone that regulates the metabolism of fats and carbs. Over time, your body will become resistant to the insulin, and this state can contribute significantly to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Genetic factors are also at play, but much of the cause for type 2 is lifestyle based.

2. Liver Problems

When the body consumes fructose, it gets sent to the liver in hopes that it can be turned into glycogen and stored for later use. But the liver can be easily overwhelmed with an abundance of fructose, and in that case it doesn’t know exactly what to do with it. This has caused much of the prominent Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in America.

3. Weight Gain

One of the worst temptations you can give in to when trying to lose weight is your sugar cravings. Sugar is nothing but empty calories, and most often your liver will take that overflow of fructose and transform it into fatty acids.

Your body will store this fat wherever there’s room for it (stomach, hips, etc.). Added sugar consumption also makes blood sugar levels rise and fall sporadically, which is not great for your metabolism.

4. Cavities

The bacteria in your mouth thrive on the sugar you eat, and rapidly turn this sugar into harmful acids. This acid eats away at the enamel of your teeth and can cause cavities and even give cause for root canals if not removed quickly.

Soda pop is one of the worst forms of sugar you can consume for your teeth. Luckily cavities are easy to fix (a cosmetic dentist in Toronto could fix you up in no time), but are no fun and should be avoided.

5. Cancer

American doctor Georg F. Springer discovered that nearly all forms of cancer cells contain a certain type of sugar molecule known as “truncated O-glycans.” These have been shown not only to promote cancer growth, but a very aggressive growth. Insulin also helps regulate cancer growth, so avoiding insulin resistance is important to fighting cancer.

6. Addiction

You may joke about your emotional dependence on sugary treats, but it’s possible you’re suffering from a real addiction. Sugar releases dopamine in the brain, much like some drugs, and creates a dependency.


While the symptoms of a withdrawal are much less severe, they are nevertheless very present in the form of a headache or cramping. At the very least, nobody wants to be dependent on a substance that does this much harm.

7. Poor Energy

Many will continue to indulge in sugar anyway for its energizing properties. While energy is possibly the only substantial quality that sugar can provide, it’s a terrible form of it. Sugar will always give you a quick high and even quicker crash, never lasting more than an hour or two. More substantial forms of energy include nuts, grains, and green tea.

As you can see, the cons of added sugar consumption drastically outweigh the temporary pros. While you should avoid it as much as possible, there are some forms that aren’t nearly as harmful (such as that found in natural fruits). If you can break the habit sooner than later, you’ll find your risk for a large number of health problems will decrease rapidly and you’ll feel much better.

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