Our oral health depends greatly on our oral hygiene. Yes, calcium and vitamin D also has major roles for our teeth, but it all starts with keeping our mouth clean. Night time is the most important time to perform your responsibilities to your oral health – before going to bed, to be exact.

Every day, our mouth is exposed to hundreds of bacteria, not only from the food we eat but also in the air we breathe. These bacteria, if not cleansed off, can build up in the teeth, tongue and gums and can start all sorts of oral disease.

This is why cleaning them off before you go to bed is essential. Here are 7 night time tricks to improve your oral health.

Brush your teeth and use a timer when you brush

Dentists suggest that the minimum length of time when brushing your teeth is at least two minutes. This should be enough time to reach all corners of your teeth and remove leftover food. A detailed brushing should especially be done before going to bed to remove bacteria from the mouth.

Follow a technique when you brush your teeth

When brushing your teeth, use a routine that you can follow every night and morning. With the two minutes time for teeth brushing, give ample seconds to brush the right, the left, the top, the bottom, anywhere in between and the tongue to make sure that you cover all parts of the mouth.

Use an electric toothbrush

Another effective way to brush your teeth is using electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is built to grind and brush your teeth thoroughly because of the electric quivering of the device. You can just place it over your tooth and it does the brushing for you.

Clean your tongue

Most would forget that the tongue is also part of the whole brushing routine. In fact, your tongue can hold majority of the bacteria in your mouth. Using the back of your toothbrush or the bristles, gently massage the tongue to remove the bacteria. Your tongue should feel clean and minty-fresh afterwards.

Use your dental floss

Most of us will use dental floss after meals but it actually is also most effective to use when you are brushing your teeth before bedtime. After brushing, use a dental floss to reach the farther and deeper parts of your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach.

This should remove any food crumbs and bacteria that attached to your teeth during the day. Be careful and gentle when you reach the deeper parts and the gums to avoid gum bleeding.

Rinse with mouthwash

After the tooth brushing and dental flossing routine, top it off and rinse your mouth with mouthwash.

Even though you have reached into the deepest parts of your mouth with the toothbrush and floss, there might still be leftovers that can be reached only by liquid cleaning. Your mouthwash should be able to reach these parts and clean off your mouth completely.

Avoid teeth grinding

Teeth grinding does not exactly bring bacteria to the mouth, but it harms your teeth just the same. When you grind your teeth, and this sometimes happen when you sleep, it can weaken the tooth enamel which will make your tooth prone to bacteria and easier to infect.

Although we are exposed to bacteria every day, regular cleansing and proper hygiene can leave them weak and less likely to do harm.

Apart from hygiene, you can take care of your dental health further through dental cleaning. Keep your mouth, teeth, tongue and gums healthy with proper hygiene.

Author Bio:

Bill Brown is the person who is health conscious. He likes to be healthy and fit so always keeps himself updated about the recent health care tips. He mostly uses home remedies to stay healthy. In rare cases he visits doctors for health care.