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Oral Health – an Insight into Overall Health

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Have you been neglecting your oral health for a long time? Hopefully, you won’t do it any more when you come across an important fact. According to the oral practitioners, oral health is like a window to the overall health. There is a close link between oral health and overall health.

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A poor oral health may put overall health at risk while maintaining a good one can keep your system hale and hearty.

The mouth, like many parts of the body, consists of bacteria. Most of the bacteria are harmless. The natural defense mechanism of the body and following proper oral health care like daily brushing and flossing help to keep the bacteria under control.

Oral infections, such as tooth decay and gum disease are the consequences of not maintaining good oral health and hygiene daily.

Studies have shown that inflammation caused by periodontitis (a serious form of gum disease) affects the resistance power of the body and brings in several health disorders. Let’s get to know about them in details.


diabetic patients need to take good care of their health since high blood sugar levels can weaken the body’s natural healing ability and power to resist minor infections. Gum disease is common among diabetic patients and makes it harder for the patients to control their blood sugar levels. If you are a diabetic patient and neglectful about your oral health, you better be ready to spend a lot for your oral treatment.


when bacteria from the mouth or any other part of the body spread through the bloodstream, it may cause infection in the inner lining of the heart or endocardium. This infection is called endocarditis.

Cardiovascular disease

Stroke, clogged arteries and heart disease are closely associated with the infections and inflammation caused by oral bacteria. Those suffering from cardiovascular disease experience a massive change in their lifestyle.

If you have been a foodie and a party animal, you will have to say goodbye to this life if diagnosed with a severe form of cardiovascular disease. Isn’t it a better option to be more attentive to your health than to lead a boring life juggling with a life-altering disease?


gum disease and tooth decay can cause osteoporosis, the disease which weakens bones . Osteoporosis is common among women.

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complications in pregnancy and premature birth are also among the serious consequences of poor oral health. Neglecting your oral health is definitely not an option if you wish to spend the rest of your life keeping a good overall health.

So brush your teeth and floss daily, eat healthy and sleep well and go for regular dental checkups. These are sufficient to maintain a sound oral health. Take good care of your oral health. It will be a good investment for your overall health too.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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