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Can Rhinoplasty Alter Your Self Image?

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There have been many speculations regarding the effects of rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery on the personalities and self-images of those who go through with them.

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There’s no doubt that changing such a focal point on your face may change the way you see yourself; but the idea that this change will have a negative effect on your personality is just plain absurd.

Lady Gaga

One only needs to look at her pictures to know that her claims to being an au naturale girl are a bit of a stretch. Sure, that was easily believable back in 2008 when she’d just debuted into the music scene with her first album ‘The Fame’, but lately we’ve been seeing some marked changes in the star’s visage.

From a prominent nose back in 2008, celebrity Lady Gaga nose job pictures now reveal a delicate and refined nose, more than likely to be the result of multiple rhinoplastic procedures over time.

But while the pictures may reveal significant differences in her face, the singer-fashion designer-businesswoman-philanthropist has been little altered in her personality. She’s perhaps even more eccentric and eye-catching now than she’s been since she hit the scene in 2008, testament to what a good nose job can do.

Pre-test consultation

As part of their job, all plastic surgeons are required to establish the mental state of their patients prior to carrying out any cosmetic procedures on them. Before they allow you to go through with any image alteration, the doctor will be interested to know exactly why you want the procedure, and how you expect your life to change after the procedure.

All patients will be required to demonstrate a clear and objective understanding of cosmetic procedures and their related results. It is not uncommon to see surgeons turning away patients who have unrealistic expectations.

Through an exhaustive consultation, all adjustments are simulated through various techniques to establish that the patient understands what each nasal adjustment will affect their image. Until you demonstrate clear understanding, the surgeon is likely to put off the cosmetic procedure.

Rhinoplasty and self-image

The nose might arguably be the most focal point on your face, perhaps second only to the eyes. Its shape greatly contributes to the fairness of all other features on the face, being centrally located as it is. This is the reason that nose jobs are among the most common cosmetic procedures varied out among celebrities.

Self-image is the result of a play of many factors – largest of them of course being the way that you look. Gone are the days when one just had bear with the features they had because the technology to alter one’s image was not present.

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Today, the art of Rhinoplasty has refined itself to amazing levels – the degree of alteration that can be achieved for a single patient is astounding. Plastic surgery is the reserve of only the best and finest of the crop due to the micro-measurements involved and the levels of skill required. The risks are therefore at their all-time minimum, and there are countless benefits.

A delicate and well-defined nose is not only beauty in itself, it helps to accentuate your face’s best features – bright and well defined eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Many celebrities have gone through the procedure with amazing results, and a definite boost in their feelings of self-worth, according to comments by some of them.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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