Back pain can be quite a menace; whether you are experiencing it temporarily due to a bad sitting posture or chronically due to an underlying health condition. Either way, when your lower back starts acting up, there are some reliefs you can use to give yourself some relief from the pain.

Here are 10 of these relief methods.

1. Strive for Better Ergonomics

poorly designed seats and workspaces can worsen lower back pain, if they don’t cause the problem to begin with. Therefore, making the switch to a more ergonomic work area can help relief lower back pain.

You can do this using a chair that offers better lumbar support, and a desk that does not force you into postures that put a strain on your lower back. These slight improvements can really make a difference by lowering your lower back pain.

2. Try to Be Happy

many people don’t realize how much power they have over their emotions. Specifically, many people don’t realize that happiness causes the release of brain chemicals that are just as effective as pain killers.

Therefore, successful efforts to be happier and positive even when dealing with lower back pain can help provide some relief. When you are happy, the body releases endorphins that act as natural painkillers.

To be happy, you just need to do things that make you happy. This could be working out, mediating, and the like.

3. Do Static Stretches

you can relief your lower back pain using static stretches. These workouts are the sort often done in Yoga and similar disciplines.

This sort of stretching will often not require much effort or strain, especially if you are already a practitioner. Nevertheless, you can get plenty of relief from pain through the increased blood flow it causes and the muscle relaxation benefits it offers.

4. Use Ice

Ice cab be an excellent source of lower back pain relief, especially after an injury. So, if you were having fun outdoors and were too hard on yourself, resulting in lower back pain, ice can help provide the much needed relief from lower back pain.

You should make sure that you use this remedy within 24 to 48 hours after the injury for the greatest amount of efficiency. The ice is good for alleviating inflammation.

You achieve this effect by reducing the transmission of nerve impulses; which takes care of issues like throbbing pain and muscle spasms that often accompany lower back pain and make it more severe.

5. Strengthen Your Core

Most lower back pain issues are born of the fact that the backs is too weak to handle the physical demands placed on it, however simple they are. So, as the back gets weaker, the pain also gets worse.

That is why doing workouts that add strength to your core is a good way to ensure that the pain does not get worse.

These exercises do not need to take several hours, even a couple of hours a week can get you very good results. Basically, these workouts should make your abs and other muscles that can help reduce the physical strain on your lower spine.

Some of these workouts are also pretty simple, and that is what beginners should use before advancing to more complicated or physically demanding workouts.

6. Take Pain Relief Medication

It might seem like a cliché option, but pain relief medication is a good way to get pain relief, especially when immediate relief from crippling pain is needed. There are quite a number of anti-inflammatory medications you can try.

The problem with pain relief medication is that regular use can build an addition.

Furthermore, using these medications without professional advice is not advised. And as many people know, natural pain relief options are preferable for those conscious about their long term health. Nevertheless, pain medications can provide relief from lower back pain.

7. Stay Active

We are built to be mobile, even in the spinal area where most back pain problems emerge. By sitting down for hours, barely moving about, can make your back pain worse. Like other parts of the body, the back gets stronger when allowed to experience the normal life it was meant to handle.

That said, you should not overdo it and become overactive to the point of straining your back. That will only make the pain worse. Simple activities like walking and doing chores around the house should get the job done.

8. Make Some Changes to Your Diet

Supplementing your diet with some foods and nutrients can provide quick relief to back pain. For instance, something like ginger can reduce inflammation, which makes it a good treatment since many lower back pain issues assume this nature.

Other food sources linked to pain relief are also very likely to offer a safe relief to lower back pain.

9. Get Enough Sleep

In reality, lower back pain is the reason why some people cannot get enough sleep. Interestingly, enough sleep is a good way to alleviate lower back pain issues. Lack of enough sleep will actually make the back pain worse in a majority of cases.

So, since resolving your sleep problems can also alleviate your lower back pain problems, it is worth the effort. Otherwise, if you let the pain keep you from getting enough sleep, then you should not be surprised to see your back pain worsen over time.

10. Consider Using Inversion Therapy

Gravity causes a lot of damage to many people’s lower backs. The compression of the spinal disks can bring about lower back pain, where most of this damage is experienced. The problem, however, can be resolved, surprisingly with the help of gravity.

This pain relief method is called inversion therapy. Those who want to enjoy its benefits usually have the option of using inversion tables or inversion chair. Many positive inversion table reviews prove that this form of therapy works.

This form of therapy is quite effective in helping resolve lower back pain; and many health professional recommend it for people dealing with serious back pain issues.

Furthermore, the benefits of this form of therapy extends beyond lower back pain relief since the body is also cleansed of toxins and so forth. Therefore, inversion therapy is one of the most effective ways of dealing with lower back pain.