Lower back pain affects around 80 percent of the population of both genders. While it’s a common issue among seniors, people in their early and late twenties are also prone to this trauma.

With so many errands to run, our muscles and spine endure a lot of pressure. So, addressing the root causes of back pain is essential to rectify it.

Throughout this article, we will discuss many reasons as to why you could be having back pain, what you could do about it and how you could prevent it.

Know If You’re at Risk of Developing Back Pain

Most of us are at risk of being victimized by back pain that hinders our day to day activities, making life very difficult. If you’re doing something for a prolonged time, then you need to watch your position and gradually change it if possible.

There are various reasons behind a sudden or chronic back pain. They include:

  • Undergoing high physical labor
  • Sitting for a long time,
  • Handling heavy materials,
  • Obesity,
  • Smoking and so on.

What Are the Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

The pain could begin slowly at the lower end of your back or around your spinal cord which could gradually increase over time.

The pain could be like something someone stabbing your back with a knife, and if it lasts for more than 72 hours, it’s time for you to consult a doctor.

Back Injuries to Be Aware Of

A pain in the back that is so excruciating and distracting requires immediate attention. Do not wait for it to pass away; there can be severe damage if this is left untreated.

What Could It Be? Sciatica or Muscle Strain?

Muscle strains are treatable and usually arise from sudden exposure of bodies to heavy work and lifting or doing improper exercise. Forcing pressure on your back without realizing could even lead to disc injury.

On the other hand, Sciatica is an injury caused in the nerve through pressure in the sciatic nerve. The nerves reach down to the lower end of your body.

So, if your aching reaches all the way to your feet, you might be experiencing a Sciatica injury but there are exceptions.

Doing Your Workouts, The Wrong Way

This is a significant issue to focus on if you hit the gym every week or do certain exercises at home. The gym instructors are aware of such factors as to why you should seek professional help when exercising.

Being an athlete could require you to do certain sports that may strain your muscles and your backbone. Avoid using your spine for repetitive exercise in a strong motion or doing a shift too sudden that your back may not be able to bear.

Jobs That Could Be the Reason for Your Back Pain

If your job requires a lot of physical strength, you will be prone to back pain. You could be office personnel, farmer, surgeon, construction work and so on. Even sitting for long hours at your office could be harmful to your back.

Mind Your Posture

You could be at the office, hunched on your seat and bent towards the screen on the desk. Such posture could greatly affect your spine if you continue so for longer periods of time.

Place proper support for your back and don’t slouch. Same goes for standing, don’t keep shifting your weight from one leg to the other, instead, try standing straight.

You Could Be Making Your Back Pain Worse

You could be harming your back in so many ways without even knowing it. Try various ways to ease the pressure on your back.

You could avoid slouching, stop lifting heavy objects, try warming up before your exercise or wear comfortable height shoes.

Carrying heavy backpacks could put pressure on your spine. What you could do instead is travel with trolley or lightweight bags.

Identifying Your Back Pain

If you have realized that back pain won’t leave you alone and it’s causing you trouble on a regular basis, then it’s time for diagnosing the issue.

Your doctor may ask you about your postures, job, pain related information as to when and how it began or how painful it is, so be prepared to go through the process and be honest about how long you spend slouching on the couch gluing your eyes to your phones.

You may be required to take some essential medical tests to find out the exact cause of your pain.

How Can We Treat Back Pain?

Now that you have known what could have caused your back pain in the first place, and probably were suggested some solutions by your doctor, we will still go through some back pain relief methods that many have tried and have worked for them.

Consider Bed Rest

The usual cure that could pop into anyone’s mind with back pain is to taking a long bed rest. But doctors believe that remaining on the bed does more harm to your body than good. Instead, do your daily chores cautiously and lightly.

 Use Hot or Cold Bags

Using hot or cold compress can be relieving for a while and enable you to work but know that these methods are only temporary and will not cure serious back pains.

Treat Your Back with Some Yoga

There are lots of benefits of practicing Yoga.  Relief from back pain is one of them. Enroll yourself in a good Yoga club, practice Yoga every day with others and see the results yourself.

Again, it may have worked well for others, but might not work for you if you have different issue to address.

Consider Massage Therapy

Stimulating your back muscles with the help of a professional could aid your pain sometimes. Through massage, your blood circulation will increase, as a result, the nerves on your back could work better.

Visit A Chiropractor

A Chiropractor may perform pressures on your back and on the body that may relieve your pain. This is also known as spinal manipulation and only works temporarily.

Acupuncture Might Help

This is a unique method to try when you’re in intense back pain. The method requires inserting fine thread-like needles at specific points of your body which helps release natural chemicals in your body to aid the pain.

Should You opt for Medications?

Your doctor has probably prescribed you medicines, but if you are looking for a home-based remedy, then try some over the counter pain relief medications.

Maybe the Cure Is A Surgery

Don’t be too afraid yet; surgery is not the end of the world. This is, of course, the last option of treatment if all ends fail.

Delaying a surgery when it is required would be a mistake. Your recovery time may take longer, and not all surgeries end in happily ever after health.

Take time to discuss with your doctor about the risks and benefits associated with the surgery.

Physical Exercise for Your Back

There are certain exercises you could practice on a regular basis to avoid back pain in the long run. Try wall squats, single knee to chest stretch or heel slides to keep your muscle flexible and in shape.

Or take help of Lo Bak Trax to routine your exercise for your back pain. Lo Bak Trax is easy and comfortable while promises to provide instant relief to your sore backs.

Know How You Could Prevent Back Pain

If you have read so far, you’re well aware by now with some of the things that you need to do beforehand if you want to have a better spine and do your daily chores without any hiccups Nothing can beat regular and consistent exercising.

That is a must even if you don’t care about back pain. Avoid lifting heavy objects while kneeling down, change your posture every once in a while, and look after your health.


By being a little conscious about your routine and posture, lower back pain is avoidable for most of us.  However, if you’re already a victim of the pain, know that there are ways to relieve yourself and all you need to do is bring some changes in your lifestyle and habits.

Swimming, squats or walking for 30 minutes daily can strengthen and flex your muscles and protect your low back from injury or strain. Regular stretching can help soothe muscle strain, fortify your core muscles, and improve overall posture for a healthier, restored back.

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