Medical Professionals

Doctors are our go-to professionals whenever we feel something ailing our body. With their wealth of knowledge about human health and wellness, these physicians and the other allied health professionals they work with are at the forefront of our battle against diseases.

Nevertheless, like all other people, medical professionals also need to work to keep themselves in tiptop shape. They know that in order to provide the best level of patient care possible, they also need to be in perfect health. So, how do they do it? Read on to discover some of the ways our healthcare warriors maintain their health and well-being.

They wash their hands constantly

Washing one’s hands regularly is a golden advice that’s probably as old as modern microbiology and our understanding of how microorganisms transmit diseases. However, still not everyone today harnesses this very powerful practice.

Germs like cold and flu viruses are easily transmitted through touching objects, so it makes absolute sense for hands to be given primary attention when it comes to hygiene. To make sure that your hands are constantly disinfected even if you don’t have access to soap and water, keep a hand sanitizer handy.

They battle burnout

Stress is major factor that contributes to health conditions, so it is important for people to realize that getting serious leisure time should be part of their work-life balance efforts. Consider practicing yoga, getting massages, and enjoying the great outdoors on a regular basis. For more advice on how to avoid burnout, check out this section on work-life balance from Med Career Guide.

They make sure they get all the nutrients they need

Health professionals understand the biological processes involved in metabolism, that’s why they eat the right types of food items. If you want to be healthy yourself, you should eat a balanced diet consisting of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and dairy products that optimize your body’s catabolic and anabolic biochemical processes.

Simply put, catabolism is the process by which complex molecules are broken down to release energy that can be used by the body. On the other hand, anabolism involves the building of molecules the body needs using the nutrients acquired from food.

Consider your body as a machine that runs only on premium engine oil. If you use inferior oil, this machine will not be able to run as smoothly, and it can even break down.

They respect their body’s circadian rhythm

Medical professionals know that sleep is an important physiological process that has a tremendous impact on people’s health. Getting around 7 hours of sleep every day is central to achieving homeostasis, in fueling brain development, and in maintaining processes related to memory, cognition, healing, metabolism, emotions, and immune response.

A lot of these processes have something to do with how sleep impacts the hormones, the body’s chemical messengers which tell particular cells, tissues, and organs what to do.

They move a lot

Ask your doctor about what he or she thinks is one of the most important activities that people need to do to keep themselves healthy, and you’ll probably get a familiar answer: exercise.

Being active has been shown in numerous peer-reviewed medical studies to be a major factor in decreasing people’s risk for major disorders, including obesity and heart diseases. It also addresses other problems like lethargy, sleep deprivation, low sexual desire, and even bad mood. It’s a wonder why so many people consider exercising to be too much of a trouble!

They get vaccinated

In the early 20th century, a flu pandemic spread across the world that killed as many as 100 million people. That’s one important reminder for people to never take flu viruses and other dangerous germs for granted.

Health professionals know that these microorganisms can be particularly virulent, so they take the necessary precautions, like getting flu shots. If you haven’t yet gotten yourself immunized against the dominant strains of flu viruses currently going around, you would be well advised to get shots today.

Armed with knowledge and the right tools, you can keep yourself as healthy as the medical professionals who are there to help you when you have to deal with health challenges. Start your journey toward better health today.