Codeine Phosphate

Nothing can be more annoying or stressful than having a continual cough that will not seem to go away.  Most of us must have found ourselves suffering from something like this in the past.  We take all sorts of cough syrup, honey and lemon drinks and suck so many lozenges and pastilles but still we cough continually.

Then there follows the night-time cough; as soon as we lie down flat in bed, the annoying tickle in the throat starts, the cough kicks in and our sleep for the night is disrupted.  If all the usual tricks like raising your pillows don’t help at all, then it is time to look for other help.

Many people do not realise that some painkillers can help with a cough.  As medical expert states, Codeine Phosphate is one medicine that helps to reduce coughing because it is an opioid.  Not only is it a very effective painkiller but it can also work as an efficient cough suppressant.

But how does Codeine Phosphate do this?

Codeine cleverly copies the chemicals that are found in our brain naturally, called endorphins.  It links together with the opioid receptors and blocks pain signals being sent through the nervous system.  This means that although the pain does not go away, the brain is less aware of it and so are you.

When you apply this process to a cough, Codeine works on the nerves that control the cough and cause the coughing reflex to take effect in the body.  Of course, there are good reasons for us having this reflex; it keeps the airways free of dust, mucus and anything else that may cause an obstruction or irritation that can affect our ability to breathe easily.

What can sometimes happen with a particularly chronic cough is that the reflex is brought into action even when there is nothing present i.e. no mucus and no phlegm. This is when Codeine works well to subdue the cough.

Who can use Codeine Phosphate?

Because it is quite a strong pain killer, Codeine is not normally prescribed for anyone below the age of 18, but your doctor may offer it to children over 12 is other pain killers have not helped.  If you have had a long lasting un-productive cough for several weeks, then it is a good idea to visit your doctor.

He will first of all make sure that your cough is not due to anything serious and will possibly give you a check-up.  If infection is present, you could find yourself with a course of antibiotics to take.  If there is no infection and you are just plagued by an annoying and persistent cough that you just cannot shake, then your doctor may look at giving you a prescription for Codeine Phosphate.

You will not be able to purchase Codeine Phosphate over the counter in its pure form. Combined with other drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol, low doses of it can be obtained but the codeine effect will not be as powerful.

The reason for this is that Codeine can become addictive if it is over-used for too long and in too high a dose.  By prescribing it, your doctor will be able to control your use and intake, making sure that the medication is used for the shortest time possible and whilst your coughing is causing you a real problem.

So as you can see, Codeine Phosphate can be a great help is you have been suffering from an annoying and long-lasting cough for a lengthy amount of time.   Used carefully and wisely, it can help to reduce troublesome coughing that is interfering with your lifestyle and ability to work.