Today, 50 is a lot different than it once was. Many people 50 and above are living great lives, going on amazing adventures and just plain enjoying life. They aren’t just able to do this because that’s something that happens when you are past 50.

No, they are able to do this because they chose to live a healthy lifestyle that has given them the ability to be healthy, happy and active well into their senior years. A healthy lifestyle after 50 is possible.

Step one is to make sure you do everything possible just to take care of yourself, inside and out.

Well Managed Diet

One of the most important things to do if you want to keep a healthy weight and a healthy body is to eat the right foods. Some people don’t know that pre-packaged foods are often full of chemicals that preserve them, but these things don’t work to preserve our bodies.

If you want to preserve yours, opt for fresh meal choices. Eat fruit if you have a sweet tooth.

Fruit is full of healthy vitamins and minerals, which are not available in the most junk food. Fill up on vegetables, instead of starchy foods. Pick whole grain foods when it comes to eating bread and pasta. Also, pick lean meats. You don’t have to deny yourself the junk food you love, just eat it sparingly.

Physical Activity

Whether it’s twenty minutes of exercise five days a week, less or more, physical activity is key to a healthy body. Depending on how healthy you are to begin with, some people may not be able to achieve the minimal amount of exercise that everyone should get each day.

You may be confined to a wheel chair, a bed, or suffer some ailment that keeps you from fitness.

However, it’s also likely, if you are in one of these situations, you have probably worked with a physical therapist that showed you things you can do for activity that work with your ailment. Even just a brisk, or not so brisk, walk every day can do wonders for you body, mood and overall health.

Overall Health

As the human body ages we become more inclined to certain ailments. These can be internal ailments, such as lung issues. They can be external, such as skin ailment. The right diet and regular fitness can keep your lungs strong, helping you breath better. It will help your mood and your overall health.

Getting up on your feet, or if you can’t do that, taking any opportunity to move around, can prevent skin conditions such as stiff muscles and joints. Physical activity is one way to prevent pressure sores.

Once you have them you will need to keep them clean and dry, but it’s better to work towards prevention. There’s a great infographic on that offers more comprehensive information on getting pressure sore help.

Even if you are fit and healthy, don’t stop eating right and taking care of yourself. This isn’t just a fad, it’s a way of life that will extend the amount of time you have to enjoy this life!
Step two for that healthy life is to just live it.