New to Using Cannabis

If the time has come that you think you want to try cannabis, whether for a medical condition, to help with pain management, because you’re curious, or just want to try something new, it’s important to proceed carefully. 

Do your research, learn from others, and, in particular, understand some common beginner mistakes that cannabis users make so you can avoid them and have a better experience. 

Purchasing Products That Aren’t Great

For starters, you don’t want to make the error of purchasing marijuana that isn’t high quality. Unfortunately, though, when you’re new to using cannabis, it’s very hard to tell the difference because you don’t have anything to compare to. Rather than buying the cheapest products you can find or the first options you come across, it’s better to invest in quality marijuana that will give you “more bang for your buck.” 

Search for trusted, well-regarded resellers in your area or online who ship to your area that are known for selling reliable goods from credible sources. Read online testimonials and reviews, blog posts, forum updates, and the like to learn about ideal places to shop, and ask friends and family members who use cannabis for recommendations. 

Picking a Delivery Method that Doesn’t Suit You

Another common mistake to avoid is picking a delivery method for consuming cannabis that doesn’t suit you, your body, and your goals and needs. Everyone has different preferences, so you must consider what might work well for you. For example, do you think you’ll prefer smoking marijuana or buying a vaporizer from an online vape shop and inhaling? Perhaps you’d prefer to go down the edible avenue instead and purchase marijuana gummies or bake it into brownies, cookies, or the like. 

Research the various methods and their pros and cons to see what appeals to you most. Think about what’s best for your body size, any health conditions you have, and general tastes and interests. At the end of the day, though, sometimes it means testing out a few options to find the best delivery method for you. 

Imbibing More Than You Should

As a beginner user of cannabis, you must be careful not to consume too much of the product at one time, too. This is a mistake many newbies make. Remember that while you might be looking to feel effects quickly, this doesn’t always happen, and you need to be patient. If you keep having more because you don’t feel like it’s doing anything, you can quickly overdose and create a negative experience for yourself or health concerns as a result. 

It’s wise to wait ten to 20 minutes between smoking or vaping hits to see how you feel and at least two hours or more after consuming cannabis in an edible to see if the substance is kicking in for you. Don’t go too hard and too fast and you’ll find your first experiences much more enjoyable and safer. 

Not Setting Realistic Expectations About the Effects of Using Cannabis

You need to be careful about the expectations you have around using cannabis, too. Many people make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals or ideals of how they might feel or the results they enjoy from using marijuana. For instance, you might want to try the substance to help you with chronic pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression, or other conditions and diseases. 

However, while cannabis can and does help many people with many different things, it isn’t a miracle cure. It can’t reverse or stop issues and will instead assist with some symptoms, especially pain-related ones. 

Storing Your Cannabis Inadequately

Lastly, be smart about how you store your cannabis. People often do not pay attention to how they keep it inside their home (or car, office, etc.) and waste their money in turn. To keep the quality of cannabis high and ensure it stays effective for longer, put herb-like materials in an airtight jar that will stop humidity and mold from having a negative effect. Keep this jar in a cool, dark place away from the light, which might also degrade it and reduce its potency. 

New to Using Cannabis

For those buying flowers or buds, you should find they come in proper packaging that you can use to store them in, or you might place this packaging in an extra airtight container to help it not dry out too quickly. If you purchase edibles, these will need to be wrapped in parchment paper and then stowed away in an airtight or silicone container. 

Popping them in the fridge can be helpful for many products, too. Some edibles and concentrates can even be placed in the freezer for a few months at a time, which is helpful if you stock up and won’t use all your marijuana soon.

As a beginner, take care to ingest cannabis carefully and store it well so it lasts as long as possible. Following the above tips will help your experience be a more positive one.