Stress wrecks lives. Unfortunately, stress is very much part of modern life and most of us suffer from it at one time or another. In small doses, stress is good for us. It helps to focus the mind, which ensures we get lots done.

The trouble is, when we are under high levels of stress long-term, the effect of all that cortisone flooding our system makes us ill and even the smallest trigger can lead to a total meltdown. So what’s the answer?


One way of beating stress is to learn how to meditate. Instead of staring at your desk and wondering how on earth you are going to finish your work in the allotted time, take some deep, calming breathes, close your eyes, and conjure up an image of a relaxing place, such as a Maui spa, where you feel happy. Tense and relax each part of your body, progressively working your way up to the top of your head. The stress will gradually fade away.

Aromatherapy Bath

If you’ve had the day from hell and you are too wound up to sleep, run a hot bath, add some aromatherapy oil and before long your stress levels will recede. The best aromatherapy oils for stress are lavender, frankincense, rose, chamomile and vanilla. Lavender oil is the most popular, but vanilla is very soothing and chamomile is well known for calming the nerves.


Exercise and physical activity is good for stress relief. Exercise releases endorphins, which are nature’s feel-good chemicals, so instead of resorting to a large glass of wine at the end of a stressful week, go out for a brisk walk or hit the gym. An exercise session will also help you sleep, which is useful because sleep is often affected by high levels of stress.

Talking Therapy

A problem shared is a problem halved, or so they say. Not everyone wants to talk about their issues, but talking is good for stress relief. Bottling up problems never does anyone any good and if you are feeling stressed, try bending the ear of a sympathetic friend or partner. They might not be able to cure your woes, but they might help you see things from a different angle.

Spa Treatment

Sometimes the only way to beat stress is to get away from it for a few days. A long weekend enjoying spa treatments is just the ticket if life is getting on top of you. Super relaxing spas such as the Hoola Spa Maui are the perfect getaway. Instead of worrying about work and life, you can chill out, enjoy some relaxing spa treatments and then return home fully rejuvenated.

Have Sex

A fun way to beat stress is to have sex. Nothing clears the mind better than a satisfying orgasm. It relaxes the body and promotes a good night’s sleep. So if work is getting on top of you, slide between the sheets with your partner.

If stress is making you ill, make an appointment to see your doctor for a health check-up – the long term effects of chronic stress can be a killer.