Feed Dog Fresh Ingredients

Just like their owners, dogs need to eat a variety of good foods to grow big and strong and stay healthy. But sometimes dogs can struggle to get all the essential nutrients and healthy variety they need. This is especially the case if your dog is only eating processed food from a can or dry kibble.

One of the best ways to remedy this is to feed your dog fresh food. How do you make sure your loyal companion gets the proper nutrition? Read on to learn about five ways to feed your dog fresh food so they’re healthy and happy.

1. Make It Yourself

The biggest downside of feeding your pup from a can is that you have little control over what’s inside. Besides choosing which brand and flavor you go with, what you buy is what you get. One of the best ways to improve your dog’s diet, then, is to make their food yourself. By making their meals for them, you’ll have far more control over what they eat every day.

Granted, making your pup’s food for them puts a notable amount of extra work on your own plate. To ease your load, you can search online for simple but healthy recipes to cook with fresh ingredients. Or ask your veterinarian for some suggestions. Feeding your dog yourself is well worth it. Especially if it means your fluffy friend gets to wag their tail for a few more years than they would otherwise.

2. Have Someone Else Do It For You

Now, while most store-bought pet foods aren’t ideal, they are more convenient. And, admittedly, they are more refined and comprehensive than they used to be. That said, there’s still a large and glaring limitation inherent in their design — they aren’t tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. This lack of tailoring means you have to mix and match brands or, as discussed above, do the work yourself. And that’s where pet food subscription services come in.

You may have heard of food subscription services for people, like HelloFresh or Blue Apron. Well, believe it or not (and you’d better believe it!), there are services just like this for your pet. This way you can get fresh dog food delivered right to your door.

You don’t have to worry whether your furry friend is getting the right food, because it’s specifically designed to be the best option for them. And as your dog’s food needs change over time, you can adjust the food you get delivered to accommodate them. Using a tailored food subscription service is an easy way to ensure your furry friend eats well every day.

3. Up Your Treat Game

Like you’ve reconsidered traditional pre-made foods, you may want to reconsider traditional pre-made treats. Just because your pup loves the taste of their favorite treat doesn’t mean it’s always good for them. It’s like how candy might taste great, but it doesn’t mean it’s giving you the vitamins and nutrients you need. So upping your treat game is another simple way to incorporate more fresh foods into your pet’s diet.

You can give your pet fresh fruit and veggies, like blueberries, carrots, or peanut butter. But make sure to do some research first to see what foods are safe for your dog. Not only are fresh treats great nutritional supplements to your pet’s diet. They’re also a great proxy for sneaking icky vitamins or medicine your pet would otherwise avoid.

4. Use an Interactive Feeder

You can make treat time even more exciting for your pet by using an interactive feeder. These feeders are mazes or other kinds of puzzles that take a bit of energy to solve. But your pet will be well rewarded for doing so — with their new favorite fresh food treats!

In addition to analog interactive feeders, you could try out electronic feeders. These feeders will dispense food and treats at certain times — or whenever you choose at the press of a button! Some electronic feeders have the added benefit of being able to eject treats for your pets to chase. And others have two-way video chat so you can talk to your pet even when you’re not at home. Electronic feeders have come a long way in the last decade, so take a look at some if you haven’t recently.

5. Give Them Raw Bones

Speaking of tasty treats, has your dog been munching on any raw bones lately? If not, they’re missing out on a huge number of health benefits. For starters, it’s an easy way to get more protein, fat, and other nutrients from the precious bone marrow into your pet’s system. The act of chewing a tough bone also helps keep your pup’s teeth healthy and strong. Finally, chewing on bones is a challenging activity, and will help your pup burn some of their extra energy.

Chewing on fresh bones is basically ingrained into a dog’s DNA. So your pup will pick up chewing on one in no time. It’s important to note that not all bones are safe for a dog to chew on. Cooked bones, like those leftovers from dinner, are typically too hard. They can splinter into sharp, dangerous pieces that can cut your dog’s mouth or even puncture an intestine. If you give your dog a bone, make sure it’s raw.

Fresh Food For The Win

Incorporating fresh ingredients into your dog’s diet is a great way to boost their health. Fresh foods often have vitamins and nutrients that are lacking in some store-bought foods. Whether you make that food yourself or order it from a service, it’s worth the investment. And improving your treat game is a surprisingly easy way to incorporate more nutrients. It can feel great to know you’re doing your best for your pup’s diet by providing them with more fresh foods.