Styling Bootcut Jeans

In the ever-changing realm of fashion, trends come and go, but bootcut jeans remain a timeless classic that has successfully endured the test of time. The garment offers a flattering silhouette that effortlessly balances contemporary charm with a retro flair.

However, most fashion enthusiasts still grapple with learning the art of styling bootcut jeans.

Dive deep into the ocean of possibilities from casual outings to office parties which can be rocked by perfectly styling your bootcut jeans. Let’s start!

What Are Bootcut Jeans?

Bootcut jeans are popular denim pants that fit through the hips and waist and gradually widen towards the knees to the hem. This creates a slight flare, and this style is called ‘bootcut.’

It is named so because it offers ample room around the ankle to accommodate boots. The popularity of this style was found explicitly in the 1970s. The slight flare of the pants creates a casual vibe and a relaxed look overall. Bootcut jeans offer versatility and can be styled in various ways depending on the occasion.

Tips On Styling Bootcut Jeans For Men and Women:

Styling bootcut jeans is a creative and fun process that allows one to showcase their style. Below are some styling tips that will help one master the styling of bootcut jeans for both women and men.

Styling Bootcut Jeans For Men:

  • Choose the perfect fit: Select bootcut jeans that perfectly fit around the waist, hips, and thighs. Look for a slightly tapered fit through the upper leg before it gently flares from the knee. Refrain from opting for excessively baggy or loose fittings, which will hamper a streamlined look.
  • Pair with classic footwear: Choosing compatible boots with bootcut jeans is one of the main styling aspects. The slight flare lets them cover the boot neatly, creating a stylish and cohesive look.
  • Select the right length: Another crucial aspect of styling bootcut jeans for men is the length. Ensure that they ideally skim your boot’s top without excessively bunching up.
  • Experiment with tops:  Pair your bootcut jeans with the perfect top to complement your overall look and match your occasion’s vibe. If you want a more casual look, opt for a slim-fitted polo shirt or a t-shirt, and for a more refined style, you can elevate the look by adding a well-fitted blazer or a jacket.

Styling Bootcut Jeans For Women:

  • Look for fit and proportion: Ensuring the perfect fit of bootcut jeans for women is similarly essential for men. When wearing your preferred footwear, the length must be tailored to skim the ground.
  • Wear matching heels: Bootcut jeans in women look incredibly stylish with heels. Go for moderate-height heels to secure comfort as well as the desired effect at the same time.
  • Belt it up: Consider adding a belt to your bootcut jeans to define your waistline. This will add a stylish touch and create a fashion statement.
  • Add accessories thoughtfully: Opt for matching accessories to elevate your look. This can be a statement necklace or a stack of bracelets.


To sum up, it is essential to ensure that whatever the style, it must enhance your personality and reflect your attitude towards fashion. Keep experimenting with various styles to make the best out of your bootcut jeans.