It isn’t normal to have sore feet. While this is an issue that most people deal with on a daily basis, it is actually a development that is wholly preventable.

With the right life habits, proper footwear and a long-term commitment to diligent self-care, you can enjoy continued foot health and comfort. Following are five ways to prevent sore feet.

1. Be Vigilant

People tend to ignore developing foot problems until their feet become too painful for standing and walking. When problems arise, try to determine their source and fix them, rather than waiting until the pain spirals out of control.

Massaging a sore tendon, relieving minor inflammation and addressing an ingrown nail are all efforts that are much easier than dealing with major infections or chronic foot conditions.

2. Keep Your Toenails Trimmed, Dry and Clean

Surprisingly, many of the most common foot issues start with the toenails. Fungal infections, poor trimming habits and other hygiene issues can lead to soft nails, infected nail beds and ingrown toenails among other things.

Make sure that your shoes are properly ventilated and that you are wearing socks with natural wicking properties for drawing moisture away from the skin. Clip your toenails straight across, rather than attempting to shape them with your trimmers and use the proper pedicure tools to remove dead skin around and under the nail.

3. Choose the Proper Footwear

Few things are as important for the health of your feet as good shoes. There are a number of key features to look for when selecting footwear.

Foremost among these is adequate arch support, which can prevent fallen arches and plantar fasciitis. According to Algeria Shoe Shop, shoppers should also look for shoes with ample ventilation so that the feet are not becoming and remaining excessively damp throughout the day.

4. Consider the Mid-Portion of the Foot

The ball of the foot and the heel tend to be where people experience the most discomfort. As a result, many shoppers are looking for shoes that cushion these areas, without giving much thought to the mid-portion of the foot.

Shoes with soles that are excessively hard and unyielding, however, can create problems here that are first felt in the ball and heel. This makes it important for consumers to make sure that the soles of their shoes are sufficiently flexible for allowing for a good range of motion in this portion of the foot.

5. Moderate Your Weight

The prevalence of foot problems is increasing in direct relation to the obesity epidemic. Placing too much weight on the feet will invariably cause problems. Maintaining an active lifestyle and choosing healthy and all-natural foods are both great ways for preventing sore feet.

Taking good care of your feet is an easy way to improve your overall life quality. People tend to feel better and move better when their feet don’t hurt. More importantly, healthy feet make it possible for consumers to maintain optimal levels of confidence and active lifestyles.