This is one of the so obvious advice anyone should give out, that one should not at any point reuse condom or even wash them to be used later.

Regardless of the fact that this might seem like a very obvious practice not to indulge in you will notice that there are quite a number of individuals who are washing their condoms, reuse them and as well as the dental dams.

The fact that CDC has even gone public and twitted about this bad and unhygienic behavior is an indication enough that the practice is done outside there.

Despite the public response of the shock that anyone would reuse a condom to an extent of some individuals joking of turning the same condom inside it is a practice that should be discouraged to a great extent. It is so serious that you have seen CDC taking the necessary effort to educate the public and campaign about this habit in with the #condoms and #sex act.

Even though there are no data that show how people are reusing their protection but if we go to with the last study that was published in Sexual Health, it was found that nearly an average of two percent of the population reckon that is no big deal to reuse a condom, not once but at least twice.

This number is no joke with a matter of this magnitude. You will realize that the data was gathered by self-reporting as the individuals were not informed to report as to whether the habit was wrong or right.

That is why it is important to say it over and over again until everyone gets that you should not reuse a condom or dental dam.

One of the reasons as to why this is very dangerous is because a reused condom has very little chance of protecting the partners as the effectiveness has been reduced to a great extent and chance s of getting infection or pregnancy is very high. There is also another great risk of the condom tearing.

Condoms that have already been used have a very high chance of tearing or splitting as they are already weak, that is according to Burbidge, Deputy of chief executive at health charity FPA.

What some of the people do not realize is that when you wash a condom there is no chance that you will remove traces of bacteria or any other substances that might lead to an infection. The detergents that are used to wash the condom may cause irritation to the genitals at the same time.

It is obvious that the condom is designed to be used twice as once it is rolled into the genitals then once it has been removed wearing it all again will be a very hard process which in the end might tear up the whole thing.

As for the dental dams, the process of licking them then washing and reusing is totally not only unhygienic but also a way to increase the infection. Bekki clearly states the fact that condoms and dams should NOT reuse at any time if one wants to be safe.

It is advisable to always use a new condom every time you are having sex, this also applies to even when you are changing from one sex act into another the condom should be changed.

The fact that we do not have the recent data on this bad behavior is why we are not aware of the individuals who are engaging in this activity. Maybe it is because of ignorance or just lack of information.

Another reason as to why people might fancy reusing the condom and dental dams might be out of fear of purchasing condoms or just the fact that they want to save some small money in the long run.

One thing that is for sure is that no one should be embarrassed to purchase condom or dental dams from the store as it should be a common practice that is why they are there, to be sold.

Did you also know that there are free condoms and it is very easy to get access to them? That is why money should not be a factor when determining as to whether you will practice a safe sex habit.

The free condom is available in sexual clinic and freebies which are all over the country. Bekki clearly explains that even if you are on a very tight budget there are so many places where you can get condoms for free without spending a single penny, as for people under 25 can also in the C-Card scheme and get a hold of the free condoms and many other contraceptives.

Having said that, then there is no excuse whatsoever to get involved in the habit of reusing and washing condoms and dental dams.

Just as it is indicated on the pack use the product and throw them away once you are done. Also, remember to use fresh protection for every sexual act that you are indulging in.