It is no news that staying hydrated throughout the day is very essential for many reasons. Drinking enough water is the first rule in many beauty and fitness programs. It may be to lose weight, for beautiful skin, healthy hair, beautiful nails to mention but a few.

And that’s where the idea of water therapy comes in. but for those of us that have indulged in water therapy or just trying to drink water at healthy intervals, unless you’re really thirsty, which you shouldn’t even let yourself be because it is a sign of dehydration, constant drinking of water can be rather boring and tiring. And that’s where the awesomeness of detox water comes in.

Detox water is any infused water recipe that flushes toxins out of the body. Some infused water recipes have other benefits such as increasing the body’s metabolism. Infused water recipes can consist of any and every fruit and vegetable from a berry to a mint leaf or a cinnamon stick.

The mixture of all the flavors give the detox water a different and definitely less boring, more refreshing taste that isn’t always so in normal drinking water.

Benefits of Detox Water

The benefits of detox water are mainly due to the water itself and not from the infused materials.

This is because the infusion doesn’t take out as much nutrients as eating the fruit or vegetable whole would, however, these infused materials still provide their own benefits as well as multiply the effect normal water may have.  The general benefits of detox water are:

Get rid of toxins and waste in the body

The body naturally removes toxins from the body through the liver and the kidney. However, detox water fastens this process by strengthening the liver and kidney to make it perform the process faster and more efficiently.

Waste products and toxins have to be removed from the colon to clear it up and if it isn’t removed fast enough, it may be reabsorbed into the body.

Weight loss

Drinking water aids weight loss because it facilitates bowel movement and speeds up metabolism so that fatty products are broken down well and fast and do not accumulate in the system.

Drinking a lot of water particularly detox water containing cucumber is a natural diuretic that causes you to urinate frequently and you therefore lose water weight.

A better substitute

Detox water, having a better and more refreshing taste, could serve as a substitute to plain water to motivate you to drink enough water during the day. Also, detox water is a much healthier substitute to drinks such as soda that contain more calories and are generally unhealthy.

Substituting them with detox water helps maintain a healthier habit and prevent weight gain from the extra unhealthier calories.

Stronger immune system

In the process of clearing out toxins and waste product, you’re giving your organs room to perform their operations much better. This leads to increased absorption of food products including vitamin C that boosts the body’s immune system. The vegetables in the detox water also increases lymph circulation which plays a major role in human immunity.

Improved skin

When you flush out toxins from the body, major organs are positively affected. With the skin being the largest organ in the body, it makes sense why the skin looks healthier and more beautiful during a detox process.

The toxins removed from the skin reduces occurrence of acne and black spots, keeping the skin smooth and leaving it with a healthy glow.

Healthier hair

The hair as we know it is dead cell and grows from our hair follicles. Detoxifying the body reduces toxins in the hair follicles that may be disrupting hair growth as well as the release of hair sebum to moisturize the hair.

As a result, hair growth process is improved and the hair is moisturized more, leaving it looking shinier and feeling softer.

Method of preparation

Detox water is quite easy to prepare. The fruits and vegetables intended to be infused are put inside a large pitch or bowl and the bowl if filled up with water and put in the fridge. Let it infuse for at least two hours before serving.

The same vegetables can be used a couple more times before it starts to lose its taste and nutrients.