Penis Performance
Asian couple playing in the bed.

She finally texted back and told you she was coming to visit that very evening. You left work early so you could get home and prepare. You cleaned the house, made the bed and even made dinner just in time.

The doorbell rang, and there she stood, with a sweet smile, mesmerising you with the heart stealing smell from her perfume. The chiffon gown hugs perfectly on her curvy body. You definitely can’t ignore the bulge in your pants. You both have a good time chit chatting as you ate and listened to some soul music, the candles lit, set the mood just right.

She tells you of how she had been looking forward to this very moment. You got close to kiss her, and she met you halfway. You both found yourselves in the bedroom and got it started. The moaning was just about to escape from her mouth, and you ejaculated. Already?! She asked

It has been a while I had sex babe, comes your response. I’d do better in the next round, you assured. You both spend another 20 minutes trying to get your penis up, and when you finally did, you ejaculated almost immediately with beads of sweat showing how much of little you’ve done. The disappointment was visible on her face. The night isn’t going well as planned obviously.

What do you suppose could be wrong? Why is your penis not responding the way it should? It’s almost as if it has developed a mind of its own. Have you considered the food you eat? Do you introduce fruits in your diet? Are you aware of how essential fruits are in your body?

The fruit shops you pass on your home from work without paying any form of attention could be your saving grace, and you could save yourself tons of embarrassments if you could spare some minutes to pick some fruits on your way. Do you have any idea of how important fruits are? List of food that would make your penis happy and healthy


If you are a lover of fruits and you’ve been avoiding bananas in your diet, you don’t know what you are missing. This baby packs loads of beauty in it. The much-needed doses of potassium help keep the blood in your body on maximum circulation while it gives your heart all the healthy juice it needs.

With enough power circulation, comes enough power erection. It also helps to keep your blood pressure in check as it controls your sodium levels. Bananas are one of the best medications for men with a weak erection, low sperm counts, and premature ejaculation. Don’t forget to have it with some peanuts. Yummy!


This juice factory helps to enlarge your blood vessels, thereby aiding in the inflow of more blood to your penis region and this inevitably increase the size of your penis. You should consider having it with your woman during foreplay since it’s been rumoured to boost mood, strength, and libido. The seeds and the back are equally medicinal. So munch away.


You have to love these boys. This fruit is a major powerhouse. The potassium present in them helps improve your stamina and increase blood flow around the penis. They act as aphrodisiacs, meaning your penis would get a rock stiff once you have avocado magic coursing through your body. The high level of folic acid present in them gifts a man with healthy sperm counts. Feel free to share the love with your woman if you want healthy babies too.


This lovelies act as dry cleaners in your body as it helps in cleaning up the arteries and veins, as a result of the anthocyanin present in them, ensuring that your blood vessels have an uninterrupted flow of blood to you Johnson. It is also known to be natural aphrodisiacs as it helps to set a healthy sexual mood.


Some men who take a particular interest in chewing on garlic even though it makes their breath stink know why they do. Garlic is known to be incredible sex food for men as it can maximise testosterone. Put this on the list.

Date fruit:

Are you a one-minute man? Do you find it hard to keep it together in bed once you are in? Worry no more. Date fruits have been clinically confirmed to help men last longer during sex so you can satisfy your woman. These fruits are known to help men perform better and increase the penis size as well as enrich the sperm. A date fruit a day keeps your worries at bay.

Tiger nuts:

These nuts are natures miracles to man. The milk they provide has a high concentration of Vitamin E, carbohydrates, protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Men benefit from this by the blood sugar it controls, sperm motility moving to the female eggs active, sorts erectile dysfunction, and also strengthen the penis. Your list isn’t complete if Tiger nuts are not included.