Many of the patients suffering from high blood pressure rarely show any symptom. This is one of the factors that make this health condition somewhat dangerous.

Be that as it may, the person affected will also have an impaired sexual life.  Even the reduction in sexual activities will not be noticed fast enough until the situation has reached a head.  One of the major problems associated with it is a heart attack.

Impairment in the normal flow of blood can lead to impairment in sexual satisfaction, no doubt. It has been proven in men that high blood pressure and sex blend closely which indicates that high blood pressure can impair sexual satisfaction; though such is yet to be proven in women that are having reduced sexual satisfaction and high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is also referred to as hypertension.  It can lead to what is called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Even some of the drugs that are prescribed for treating high blood pressure can also lead to ED. ED can occur in up to 30% of men that are having high blood pressure, according to a study.

Many men are, therefore, looking out for high blood pressure drugs that will not lead to ED. It is imperative to know how high blood pressure and sex affect you. It does via it’s linked to ED and hypertension medication. You can also treat high blood pressure without having ED if you can modify your lifestyle.

How women are affected?

Many scientists do not have a full understanding of how high blood pressure can affect the sexual satisfaction of women. Be that as it may, it does not mean that high blood pressure cannot have a negative impact on the woman’s sexual satisfaction.

Blood flow to the vagina can be reduced by high blood pressure, for example.  As a result, the woman will have several problems, like vaginal dryness, difficulty with arousal, difficult with sexual desire and difficulty in attaining orgasm.  However, the situation can be helped via lubrication and arousal improvement.

Women having high blood pressure can also experience relationship anxiety due to sexual dysfunction. Any woman having the above experiences should visit a doctor for medical advice.

How men are affected?

High blood pressure can lead to damage to the blood vessel linings if it is left untreated.  This will make the blood vessel to harden and also become narrower. Blood flow will get more difficult.  Narrowing of the vessels means the quantity of blood flowing to the penis will reduce.

Many men will find it difficult to attain or maintain an erection due to this reduction in blood flow.  This is the condition called erectile dysfunction. The problem is also widespread. Lower sexual desire and ejaculation problem can also arise as a result of high blood pressure. The same effect can also arise from medications used in treating high blood pressure.

Anxiety can arise from erectile dysfunction. The affected man may be afraid that the problem will come again. As a result, he may want to avoid sexual intercourse. This will unavoidably affect his relationship with his girlfriend or wife.

Erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure medication

Many high blood pressure drugs can lead to ED, but the way they cause ED differs from one drug to another.  You need to talk to your doctor to select for you which drug can have least Ed side effect on you.

Other forms of sexual difficulties can also result from drugs used in treating high blood pressure.  Some of the drugs used are beta-blockers and diuretics.  Both drugs can lead to erectile challenges.  One of the ways of overcoming this is by taking sexual enhancement drugs.

These sexual enhancement drugs can be taken with high blood pressure drugs without any side effect. Be that as it may, it is vital to carry your doctor along before taking these drugs. Are you using any drug containing nitrates? Then it is not safe to take a sexual enhancement drug.  Nitrates are usually prescribed for chest pain and angina.

ED and high blood pressure

Arteries are usually damaged by high blood pressure. High blood pressure can make the arteries to become narrower and less flexible. The result is a reduction in blood flow. This situation will reduce the blood that flows to the penis, aside from increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack. To maintain an erection, there is a need for proper blood flow through the arteries.

ED can be the outcome of high blood pressure if the latter is not treated on time. Also, some drugs that are used in treating high blood pressure can lead to impairment in sexual function and culminates to ED. High blood pressure drugs can cause ED, but not all of them lead to the condition.

Improvement in overall health

High blood pressure can be managed by improving your lifestyle choices. This can also help to improve sexual activities.  Some of the crucial lifestyle choices to make are highlighted below:

Your confidence can be boosted if you have a lean body and you will feel more attractive. This will invariably improve your sex life.

Natural alternatives

Some people may have high blood pressure without knowing. The only symptom they will get is low sex drive. Unknown to them, the low sex drive may be as a result of high blood pressure.  It is, therefore, very important to go for a regular medical check-up.

Keep in mind, however, that you can treat high blood pressure without experiencing low sex drive.  For example, treating high blood pressure using natural means will rarely lead to low sex drive. Some of the natural steps include:

  • Practicing relaxation,
  • limiting alcohol
  • Exercising
  • Maintaining healthy weight
  • Deep breathing techniques

Prepare ahead to ensure sexual satisfaction

The settings in the room or the environment can determine how satisfying your sexual intercourse can be. Try to relax as much possible, as this can take care of your anxiety and put you in the mood.

Talk to a doctor

There is no point in hiding the facts from a doctor. Talk to him about your erectile dysfunction problem, and he will direct you on how to manage both the high blood pressure and ED.  Let your doctor know as soon as the high blood pressure medication starts causing ED. The doctor may then decide to change the drug for you.