Weight Loss Program
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Losing weight, keeping fit and looking sexy are all parts of the most trending things on the media these days. Almost everyone most especially the ladies always want to look as sexy as the super models and celebrities out there.

Losing weight may seem to be very difficult most especially when you are already taking some strategic steps and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Does it seem like all celebrities and dieticians are lying when they tell you to take some steps and it doesn’t seem like it has any effect on you? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, what if I am going about it all wrong? What if I am doing the wrong things?

With the entire frenzy of having to look trim, some people may tend to want to skip a few steps and jumping the gun and this may be the problem as to why that weight scale still remains the same.

Below are a compiled list of mistakes people make when they want to lose weight. I encourage you to go through them, correct all that needs to be corrected and then watch how those numbers begin to drop.

1. Are you only focusing on the scale weight?

It is not uncommon to feel as if you are not losing those numbers in terms of your weight fast enough despite the fact that you are sticking to the rules. However, do you know that the numbers on your weight scale is just ONLY ONE form of measurement to get your body weight?

When it comes to weight determination, there are so many factors that help to  influence it. These factors includes how much food remains in your system even after digestion, fluid fluctuations in your body body system and so on.

Weights can so much fluctuate by almost about 1.8kg throughout the day and this is quite dependent on the consumption of food and liquids you have taken in that day.

Funny, your hormones could even be messing with your weight. Let me let you into this secret: For ladies, we have a hormone called estrogen and an increased level of estrogen and some other hormones in the body can cause the body to retain fluids which will invariably cause a spike in your weight scale numbers.

So if your weight scale numbers are not improving, this doesn’t mean that you are not losing fat. It could also mean that your body may be retaining water due to your estrogen levels.

Apart from your hormonal levels, if you are the type that has been spending hours in the gym or anywhere else working out, you are losing fat but gaining something else which is your muscle mass.

If you are still experiencing a stable number on the weight scale but you are already seeing your clothes feeling a little bit loose, then you are already losing weight. So rather than relying on only the weight scale, you can also use the measuring tape and also pictures as these will show you that you are already losing weight.

2. Are you eating very few calories?

For weight loss, counting calories is very essential and going into calorie deficit is very important. However, most people don’t understand what being in calorie deficit is. Calorie deficit occurs when you burn more calories than you consume.

Rather than burning calories, some people take in too few calories and burn too much hence they just end up being malnourished. There are no stable numbers to be in calorie deficit and this is because so many people have different lifestyles.

Therefore, you are to take the normal intake of calories which is about 2,000 calories per day for a female and for a male, 2,500 calories per day and then burn more by doing exercises and taking walks.

Taking too few a calories can cause muscle loss and also a very reduced rate of metabolism. If you are taking too few calories, it will cause you to be very hungry.

3. How much workout do you do?

When you experience weight loss, you will also experience loss of muscle mass as well as fat loss. However, the amount of fat or muscle loss depends on so many factors.

If you are the type that doesn’t incorporate workouts in your weight loss program, you may be losing muscle mass as well as you will experience a decreased metabolic rate. Therefore my question is, do you workout at all? If yes, how much workouts do you do?

Exercises helps you reduce the extent or amount of muscle mass loss in which you may experience during your weight loss program. Another benefit of exercise is that it will speed up your body metabolism as well as speed up your fat loss program.

However, overdoing it will be detrimental to your health. In as much as there are many health benefits of exercises, overdoing them or not doing them right will cause adverse effects to your body.

It is difficult to sustain difficult exercises for a long peroid of time as this will cause severe stress on your body and it may cause your body to break down. Too much of exercises will distrust the release of some adrenal hormones in the body which is essential in aiding your body by regulating its response to stress.

If you keep trying to overwork your body by exercising too much in order to burn calories, you will only end up stressing it out as well as not getting a desired result instead you will be nursing other problems caused from stress. Therefore, you should know that the key is consistency.

You can maintain a steady routine of cardio exercises and lifting weights several times in a week. Preferably build a routine of exercise that your body can get used to. This will help your weight loss program as well as build your body metabolism.

4. How is your protein intake?

Proteins are very essential when it comes to losing weight and body fat. Protein has been seen to aid weight loss in so many ways. It helps reduce hunger cravings, it gives you a sense of fullness. It also helps you decrease your calorie intake as well as it increases your body metabolism and it helps in protecting your muscles during your weight loss program.

However, if you are not taking enough proteins in order to cut your weight, then you are making a huge mistake. This is how it works. The higher your protein intake, the fewer the calories you take in.

A current research shows that high protein diets contains as low as 1.2-1.6 g/kg. You wanna lose weight fast, consume foods that have a higher healthy protein content and you are well on your way already to getting that perfect body shape that you want.

5. Do you take in a lot of fiber-rich food?

Dietary fibers have been seen to aid weight loss and so if you are not “into” fiber-rich foods, you might be hindering your weight loss program. A type off dietary fiber known as viscous fibers helps reduce hunger by creating a gel that helps retain water.

This gel moves very slowly throughout your digestive tract. It doesn’t easily digest hence it keeps you full for a longer peroid of time.

When you have an overall increased intake level of dietary fibers, it will hinder the absorption of some calories in the body from food. This will help you control the amount of calories that your body gets and hence aid your weight loss.

6. Do you go for a low carb but highly fatty diet?

Low carb diets as well as ketogenic diets are very much encouraged for weight loss. Research has shown that they do reduce appetites which will invariably lead to a reduced calorie intake.

However one problem about ketogenic diets is that they encourage the intake of lots of fats. This is because the assumed knowledge is that suppressing your appetite and hunger pangs will reduce the amount of calorie intake in your body which will in turn aid in weight loss.

This doesn’t work for everyone as it is not everyone that will receive a strong enough signal to stop eating. This therefore will increase the amount of calories they consumed hence they enter into calorie overdrive instead of calorie deficit.

If you find out that you are adding lots of fats to your meals and beverages without getting the corresponding weight loss that you desire, you just might want to consider stepping back from all the fat intake and look for other ways to control the amount of calories you consume.

7. Do you always have the tendency to eat frequently even if you are not hungry?

Before now, one of the top 5 weight loss tips you will be told is to eat little portions every few hours as this will help you aid body metabolism and speed up fat loss, unfortunately what you are not told is the amount of calories you may be consuming within those hours. Asides this, you may never feel full when you undergo this technique.

Eating only when you are truly hungry is very essential to weight loss and it has been seen to be the key to speed up body metabolism. This is because your body requires food when it is running low on energy and if you end up stuffing your belly with food because you are told to never skip meals, you might just be stocking up your body with lots of calories.

Also, never starve yourself or let yourself get too hungry. This is because you will become ravenous when you are too hungry and there is every tendency that you will make poor calorie choices which won’t aid your weight loss plan.