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Benefits of Hair Replacement and Hair Transplant Surgery

Dealing with hair loss at any age can be a traumatic experience that leaves you feeling self-conscious and depressed. And while there are several options available for those experiencing air loss, few are worth wild.

Hair transplant surgery is an option, but for most people, surgery is not the ideal solution. And those hair clubs and programs you see the commercials can put a drain on your wallet. Instead, why not choose a hair replacement system.

Long gone are the days of tacky and fake-looking “rugs”, today’s hair replacement systems are undetectable and provide natural looking results. In fact, hair replacement systems have many benefits that you cannot get from traditional hair transplant surgery.

Non Surgical

Since hair replacements are non-surgical, you avoid the possible complications and pitfalls of surgery. The dangers associated with anesthesia and the risks of infection are only a few of the downfalls of a hair transplant.

Furthermore, patients who have undergone hair transplant surgery typically experience extensive pain and discomfort afterwards and have to take medications to help deal with the pain.

In addition, some patients have “shock loss”, which is the sudden loss of your newly transplanted hair, and will require additional procedures. If, however, you choose a hair replacement system, you won’t experience any of these problematic events.

Guaranteed Results

For those who have undergone hair transplant surgery, it may be six months or longer before any results are seen.

Hair replacement systems, however, provide immediate results that can be experience by anyone despite the age, gender, health history or amount of hair loss. For those considering hair replacement of any type, you can learn more at AdventHair.com.


Unlike surgical hair transplants, hair replacement systems are reversible. That means, if you don’t like the results, you can simply quit. With the surgical option, you are stuck with the outcome whether it fits you or not.

This is a huge risk since you don’t know exactly how the transplant will make you look. With a hair replacement system, however, you can simply stop wearing it if you don’t like it.

No Limits

Surgical hair transplants only work for a small group of people, while the others are left without the desired results. Non-surgical hair replacement systems, however, have no limits. They can successfully work on women, men and even children.

No matter what the reason for the hair loss — be it from a medical condition, hereditary, chemotherapy, etcetera –, a non-surgical hair replacement system can work for you.

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