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3 Signs you Need to See your Doctor about Potential Knee Replacement

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The knee is an essential part of the body. It acts as a support while walking, and it bends so that you can sit in a chair. There are times when something might go wrong with the knee.

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When you see a few warning signs, you should think about talking to a doctor about a possible knee replacement.

Pain and Stiffness

Not only is pain in the knee a sign that you might need a replacement, but stiffness is also a warning sign. If you sit or lay down, especially at night, and notice that the knee gets stiff so that it can’t be moved, then there could be something wrong with the tendons or cartilage.

Knee pain and stiffness that affects the daily activities in life and prevents you from getting sleep is not good, and it’s an indicator that a knee replacement might be the best option.

Treatment Options Have Failed

There are a few things that you can try to relieve pain in the knee. Ice can help reduce swelling and relieve pain. Physical therapy is an option to get movement back in the knee.

If you have tried all of these options, with the assistance of a doctor, and they don’t work, then you might need to go ahead and start talking about a knee replacement.

Offices such as Noyes Knee Institute can provide helpful information about the procedure and how long it will take to recover. You can also learn about the results that you can expect from a replacement.

Previous Injuries

Whether you play sports and have had a knee injury, such as torn cartilage, or you have injured the knee by performing tasks during the day, those injuries could play a part in needing a knee replacement in the future.

An injury will deteriorate parts of the knee that are vital for proper function. If you have had surgery on your knee before, then you might notice that there is arthritis that develops or pain persists long after the initial injury. When you can no longer tolerate these pains, then you need to discuss a knee replacement.

When you think about the knee, you might think about an area of the body that acts like a hinge. It bends so that you can do several activities in life, such as walking, sitting and bending.

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When there is damage to the knee or abnormal pain in the knee, it could be a sign that you need to have it replaced. After the replacement, you need to do the required therapy to get movement back and to have at least most of the function that you are supposed to have.

Knee Replacement
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