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Hip Replacement

14 Exercises to Do After a Hip Replacement

Exercises during and after rehabilitation play an essential part in making your hip replacement surgery a long term success. It is a major surgery that has dramatically improved quality of life in people suffering...

Smart Ways to Recover from Surgery

According to Stanford Health Care, there are more than 48 million surgical procedures done every year in the U.S. alone. Doctors say that about 10 percent of all surgery patients return for follow-up treatments...
Butt enhancements

Common (and Not-so-common) Plastic Surgery Procedures

What was first regarded as strange is now the norm for many people and for a diversity of reasons. When plastic surgery procedures were first introduced as a way to change the way you...

Circumcision: What Every Parent Should Know

When the subject of circumcision is brought up, everyone suddenly thinks about the surgical removal of the foreskin (that is the tissue covering the cap) of a baby boy's penis.While in some African cultures,...

Considering LASIK Eye Surgery?

We can only imagine the curiosity and amazement people experienced when the first pair of eyeglasses were invented.Then along came contact lenses and people were skeptical that they would even work and concerned that...

When Your Child Needs Surgery

Hearing that your child has to go through surgery may be difficult for any parent to process. It is, however, important that you put your fears and concerns aside so you can prepare your...
Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery: Procedures, Benefits After Surgery

Laparoscopic treatment was usually carried out in diagnosing and curing diseases gynecology, gallbladder. Over the last decade, the use of this technique has also been used to cure hernia, hysterectomy, appendicitis, weight loss, achalasia...

Nigeria: ABUTH Records First Breakthrough in Open Heart Surgery

A team of medical experts at the Multi -system Afe Babalola University Teaching Hospital, Ado Ekiti (ABUTH) in collaboration with their foreign partners, have recorded a major breakthrough in open heart operation in the...

Nigeria: JUTH Undertakes First Brain Surgery Using Drilling Machine to Remove Tumour

The Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), at the weekend, undertook its first surgery to remove brain tumour using a machine that drills the skull bone to gain access to the tumour."It is the first...
Crepey Skin

Crepey Skin: Causes and 37 Potent Natural Home Remedies

Crepey skin refer is a term used to describe a skin that is thin in appearance and wrinkled, it is called crepey skin because the skin looks like a crepe paper. It also has...
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