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3 Reasons you should Choose Hair Transplantation

Everyone admits that hair transplantation is the single most successful way of tackling hair loss, for several reasons.

First of all, it constitutes a permanent, enduring solution to the problem. Second, nowadays, it has evolved into a quite easy and simple procedure. Last but not least, its outcome is natural and most appealing. Hair transplant methods will usually involve the customized Micrograft® procedure, producing a flawless outcome, with elastic and smooth hairline that equals the original. That wholly natural and virtually unnoticeable result has won the reputation of the leading hair loss treatment in the world.

Hair transplantation actually involves transferring vigorous hair follicles from one area of the head to another, where DHT androgen hormone has caused the hair to thin or fall. Just one hair transplantation includes the use of numerous grafts, ranging from several hundreds to a few thousand, based on the man’s baldness classification and the amount of hair required for restoring the naked areas.

Every single follicle taken from the healthy area is diligently transplanted into the skin of the recipient area, in order to recreate the man’s prior hair growth pattern. There, the transplanted hair will keep on growing as before.

Transplants are carefully relocated in a way that will restore the man’s hair growth in a totally natural way that matches his facial characteristics, forming a both natural and appealing outcome.

An enduring solution

Hair transplantation process features permanent results. Given that all transplanted hair is immune to the destructive effects of DHT hormone, they will never thin down, neither fall, in all the years to come.

In order to preserve hairs vulnerable to DHT effects and avert possible hair loss, physician could suggest, based on your hair loss classification and hair loss stage, the use of the Bosley LaserComb® Minoxidil – based therapies, or prescribe Propecia®.

The enduring results of this procedure are by far the most significant advantage of hair transplantation against other short-term solutions. In fact, even nowadays, it consists the sole hair loss solution that integrates both the restoration and the re – growth of the patient’s fallen hair.

Last but not least: it is your hair

Contrasting wigs or other products that may not precisely match your hair color and general style, transplanted hair feature a totally natural look for one simple reason: it is your hair! The only difference is that they are relocated.

Please bear in mind that, despite all the technological breakthroughs and improvements in the whole procedure, finding an experienced and skilled physician in a trustworthy hair transplant clinic that will able to successfully perform your hair transplantation is of the essence.

In short, here are the 3 reasons you should choose hair transplantation:

  1. Almost all men, even those with wide baldness, have somewhere in their head durable, permanent hair, mostly just beyond the back of the neck. That area is usually called “the donor area”, which will provide the physician with the grafts needed to conclude the procedure.
  2. Hair transplantation involves a rather simple outpatient process that won’t last more than a few hours.

The most intricate part in transplanting a man’s hair is not the operation itself, but the effort and caution needed to form a natural – looking hairline that will match your facial characteristics, general style and age, as well as selecting the proper hair textures and settings.

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