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What are the Common Causes of Hair loss in Women?

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Hair loss takes place evenly in men and women. In fact, men face greater dangers of going completely bald. Baldness is not found much in women, but hair loss does take place. Since, hair is a cardinal part of a woman’s beauty; it is much more a matter of concern for her, than for men.

What is the pattern of hair loss in women?

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In women, the pattern of hair loss is different from that of men. However, it is important to have knowledge about it so that proper care can be taken from the starting.

  • Signs of hair loss in women can be noticed, when one sees hair thinning from the top. Also, the crown of the scalp sees gradual hair loss. When the widening on the centre part of the hair grows deep, hair loss is evident.
  • Only in extremely rare cases can the hair loss lead to baldness. This situation does not commonly arise in women whereas it is quite predominant in men.
  • The front row of hair remains intact, and hair generally falls from the posterior part.

Common causes of hair loss in Women?

Hair thinning resulting in hints of baldness only takes place when new hair stops growing in place of the old hair that falls off. The reasons for it can be many.

  • Aging is the most predominant cause. With age, we start losing hair as the new cells stop replacing the old and worn-out ones.
  • Also, changes occurring in the level of male hormones present in the body, is another major factor. This situation mainly occurs after menopause. Women often experience that the hair on their scalp keep thinning while the hair on the face become coarser.
  • Certain hair abnormalities that are there from the birth.
  • If there is a certain trend of hair loss existing in the family tree, then, this can sure creep into one’s DNA.
  • Often there are certain skin diseases that lead to the development of scars on the skin and the scalp. Continuous itching can pluck off lots of hair.
  • If there is vitamin deficiency in the body. Generally lack of Vitamin B results in hair loss.
  • Autoimmune diseases present from a certain age.
  • Any sexually transmitted infection
  • Pregnancy or a major illness.

But there are a lot of new-age treatments that can help prevent hair loss and also their re-growth. But, most of all, it is very important to maintain a healthy regime and complete hygiene of the body. One must take care to clean her body everyday and eat healthy food.

It is mostly because of the internal health disorders faced by us that, we start losing hair from a very early age. Also, torturing the hair is a common practice. Usage of chemicals and various heating instruments on the hair damage the follicles and cease hair growth. Thus, it is very important to treat one’s hair as naturally as possible.

hair loss in women
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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