When couples are trying to get pregnant and it fails, the blame tends to fall upon the woman. The main reason for this is because women are the ones that bear the child, therefore failure to conceive is often perceived as a failure of the woman’s’ body to do what it is supposed to do.

Yet, a single minded view like this is wrong. It leaves the contribution of the man involved out of the equation. This is an issue because low sperm count and quality in males is a huge reason why some couples fail to conceive.

Because this issue is often overlooked, couples will spend lots of money on treatments and solutions for the woman, when in fact it is in the quality and count of the males sperm where the problem lies.

If you wish to prevent male sperm count and quality becoming a problem there a number of things that you can do. One of these things is to take supplements that have been proven to increase the quality and count of sperm.

What follows is a list of the most effective supplements, which if taken by the male can increase the chances of getting pregnant substantially. However sometimes if you do your best it’s not enough there are companies like Fertile Future to help you to have a baby.

Vitamin C

Taking between 500-1500 mg of Vitamin C each day can vastly increase sperm count and quality. The reason that taking Vitamin C works is because it helps to fight against damage to the DNA in sperm, which is caused by pollution and certain agricultural chemicals. It also prevents the sperm from sticking or clumping together, which improves the chances of fertility.


Alongside Vitamin C, Zinc is one of the most important supplements that you can take to increase sperm count and quality. This is because even a small deficiency in Zinc levels can lead to a severe reduction in sperm count.

Therefore it is suggested that you take around 15-60 mg of Zinc per day in order to prevent low sperm count being a problem. Zinc is also a great supplement to take because it can increase testosterone levels and sperm motility.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been proven to increase the potency of sperm by up to 2.5 times. Therefore it is a great supplement to take to increase sperm count, if levels are low. However if you have, or have had issues with, anemia, high blood pressure, liver disease or poorly clotting blood you should consult your doctor before using it to try and boost sperm count and quality.


Sperm contains a high amount of selenium and a deficiency in it leads to fragile sperm. This results in the tails of the sperm getting broken easily, meaning that the sperm is unable to travel and reach the egg.

Taking a supplement of 100-200 mcg of Selenium will replenish the Selenium levels in your sperm meaning it will no longer be fragile. It’s important that you don’t take too much Selenium as in large does it becomes toxic to the body. So make sure to stay below 200 mcg per day.


High amounts of Arginine are found in the head of sperm cells. So supplementing with between 2-4g of Arginine a day can help to increase sperm motility and count. It can also be a potent dilator of arteries, which leads to better erections that can have a positive effect on the chances of conception.