Coffee is a hot infusion that is consumed in several Western countries. Its name derives from a tree: the coffee plant whose grain is the one used for the realization of said infusion.

The coffee plant or tree can measure between 4 and 6 meters in height, although they mostly cut it so that the grains do not grow at such a high altitude. For its part, the coffee bean measures approximately 1 centimeter.

These grains are used for the preparation of the infusion to be roasted and mixed with hot water to make coffee. There are many different ways to prepare coffee, one of the favorite drinks of several countries in the world.

This infusion is characterized by its exquisite flavor and combination with other beverages (such as cream, milk or cocoa) that give different aromatic and taste variations.

Characteristics of coffee

Physical characteristics

The coffee plant has red fruits the size of small cherries. Within these is the coffee seed. The grains of the coffee plant measure approximately 1 centimeter.

In one of its parts the grain is flat, and the other side is curved, with a line that crosses it. When extracted from the plant the grains are light brown and after the roasting process they turn dark brown.

Types of preparation

There are different types of coffee preparation. Thus, among the most prominent are:

  • Espresso or espresso It is the common coffee, prepared with grains of ground coffee and hot water.
  • Coffee cut. It is prepared with coffee and with a little milk (skim or whole)
  • Coffee latte. It is prepared with 1/3 of espresso and 2/3 of milk.
  • American coffee. Express coffee with more water.
  • It’s espresso, water and milk foam.
  • It is an espresso, water, milk foam and grated chocolate.
  • Taste and acidity
  • The taste of coffee can vary depending on the plant, the time from harvest to the preparation of coffee, the type of combination with other drinks, etc.

However, infusing the coffee is measured globally by a table called ” wheel coffee flavors “, a term that gave the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), the organization that has every classification for buyers and sellers.

The acidity will depend on the coffee plant as well as the area where the coffee is harvested. The coffee plants of Latin America are generally more acidic than other parts of the world because they are volcanic soils, rich in minerals.

Taste, body, aroma and bitterness

The coffee has 800 compounds that stimulate the taste buds. All this will affect and be modifiable in terms of flavor and aroma depending on the type of soil of the coffee plant.

The aftertaste is related to the time in which the taste of coffee remains in the mouth after having ingested it. This can vary or be modified depending on the quality.

On the other hand, the viscosity, weight or thickness make up the coffee body. As for bitterness, decaffeinated coffee has much less bitter taste than traditional roasted coffee.


  • Increase levels of concentration and attention
  • Improve physical performance
  • Fight depression
  • It produces satiety and does not provide significant amounts of calories (as long as it is consumed without other hot infusions)
  • Enhances the effect of analgesics
  • It is anticancer
  • Prevents type II diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Favors digestion

Uses of coffee

Coffee has not only become a rich tea to taste and / or combine with other beverages. It is also used today for different purposes:

  • As a painting to make decorative paintings
  • As an exfoliating soap, since crushed coffee beans allow the removal of dead skin cells
  • To remove stains from wooden furniture

What you need for good coffee

Brewing a good coffee is a multi-stage process and you can mess up something at each of these stages. In order for good coffee to come out, everything must be done correctly – but it requires appropriate knowledge, appropriate people and appropriate equipment.

Quality and variety of coffee

There are different types of coffee. Arabica – more acidic with a chocolate aftertaste, and Robusta – more bitter with higher caffeine content. The proportor of varieties in the mixture and their quality are important.


The coffee should always be freshly ground, not too fine, not too thick.

Appropriate slaughter

For the spoon of the coffee machine you need to pour the optimal amount of coffee and beat it properly. For an experienced barista, these are two, almost imperceptible hand movements, but this cannot be measured with any instrument – you must have experience.


The proper adjustment of the machine is crucial – the right pressure, the right temperature. Even the best coffee maker can make bad coffee if it’s wrong.

Cleanliness and maintenance

espresso must be in perfect condition. It must be cleaned daily, regularly descaled and maintained.

Forget about depression

Coffee raises the level of dopamine – the hormone of joy, motivation and learning. Therefore, this drink can be a safe replacement for candidates. An experiment at Harvard showed that women who they drink four cups of coffee a day, the risk of depression is reduced by 20%.

  • Another study confirmed that coffee lovers are 53% less likely to commit suicide.
  • 5 cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 65%.
  • 4 cups of coffee per day, reduce the risk of intestinal cancer – by 15%, the risk of stroke in women – by 43%.
  • 3 cups of coffee a day reduces the chances of developing Parkinson’s disease by 25%, and the occurrence of skin cancer – by 30%.
  • The moderate use of coffee, that is, 2 cups of coffee a day, protects against heart failure. The risk is reduced by 20%.
  • Analysis of 18 studies (the total number of participants – about 450 thousand people) confirmed that each cup of coffee consumed reduces the chances of development 2nd degree diabetes by 7%.

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