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A Field Guide to Vegan Dining

Vegan Diet – this might be the new fancy word around town both on the tongues of fitness freaks and gym-goers. But, this diet has significant importance, one you may not ignore so easily.

So, What Is A Vegan Diet?

For obvious reasons, the Vegan diet came into being at the same time when veganism started gaining recognition in the world.

If you are new to this, consider veganism to be a life without meat consumption or usage in daily life. Yes, the people following such lifestyles soar about the endless ‘good’ and do not consume animal meat; either as food or as fashionable options.

Now, a ‘vegan diet’ is a simple derivate of veganism, but, is specific to diets only. Normally, it refers to the following of diets which are free from animal meat. This long list of ‘no-go’ foods also includes dairy for vegan followers.

You might be wondering, isn’t is hard to cut meat out from your daily lifestyle? What and how do such people intake the required amount of proteins? Is there actually a ‘good’ side to this diet plan?

Well, people follow vegan diets and veganism for multiple reasons. Most of the times, people opt for a vegan diet for environmental and ethical reasons. Let’s take a look at a few vegan dishes which are actually good!

What Does a Vegan Diet Comprise Of?

Before we move on to the vegan diet, here’s a fact. Most meats contain a few different nutrients which are necessary for us humans absorb and missing out on them can cause some serious deficiencies.

So, when following a vegan diet and cutting out on such proteins, how do you substitute them? For this very reason, vegans are usually very strict when it comes to following such diets and make sure their diets contain all necessary nutrients.

If you’re aiming to start the vegan lifestyle or currently do follow it, we’ve made a curated list of some super healthy foods which you can incorporate in your everyday meals and make sure no deficiency is observed. Without further ado, here’s the list:

Nuts And Seeds

One of the best sources for proteins and a few other nutrients are ‘nuts’ and ‘seeds’; the perfect replacement for chicken. Nuts and its byproducts if consumed on a daily basis can deposit a few minerals and vitamins in the body as well. Zinc, iron, and magnesium are a few to name.

If you are not a great fan of eating nuts and seeds without anything to go with it, infuse these tasty delights into other recipes. Mix, infuse, experiment, and who knows what delicious meal are you going to treat yourself with?

Meat Substitutes

If you’re turning into a vegan, the taste of meat would be pretty hard to forget. The spices, the flavors, the oozy delights. Well, there are healthy substitutes to meat as well.

Several processed meat substitutes like Tofu and Tempeh are available all over the world in local stores. These commercially sold processed foods are the perfect substitute as they have in them the right mix of all nutrients required to stay healthy and still have the taste of meat. And to mention, these foods are also a good source of proteins, iron, and calcium; another positive!

Whole Grains and Cereals

You aren’t a die-hard vegan if you don’t use whole grains and cereals in your vegan diet (unless the taste doesn’t sit well with you). They are rich in carbs, iron, and fiber – enough to give your body the amount it needs.

You might want to consider replacing your white bread and pasta with brown rice and quinoa, this will add more nutrients including irons and vitamins in your diet. Another good reason, to opt for whole grains is the fiber as they keep you full for a few hours and might eventually result in weight loss.

Non-Dairy Vitamin D

Leaving dairy products out of your diet can leave you deficient of vitamin-D, a necessary vitamin for your body to stay healthy. So, the trickiest part of the vegan diet is finding the right substitutes of dairy products. The good sources of vitamin D for vegans are non-dairy milk i.e. almond milk and soy milk.

Vegan Dining

If you are a vegan don’t worry when it comes to eating out, there are many options to avail in almost all cuisines to serve your cravings. As you already know now what to incorporate in your diet for the sufficient nutrients this might be an easier task for you to dine out as well.

If you want a full vegan meal delivered at your home, give Activeats a try! For your convenience, let’s discover a few vegan dining possibilities in different cuisine restaurants.


A pizza or pasta muncher but no-meat options scare you? Rest these thoughts as all these delicious treats are possible for vegans as well. Many restaurants allow you to have the most scrumptious dishes in Italian cuisine with a vegan twist.

Dried pasta with marinara sauce and a cheese-less pizza with no dairy products are just some to name. You’re in for a treat if your taste-buds are satisfied with the taste of these vegan foods.


Indian cuisines are usually very vegan-friendly and don’t include meat. However, finding the right dish might be an issue for you and will require a lot of searching.

Most of the Indians use dairy products even in their vegetarian recipes; as they prohibit the meat only. Still, there is a loophole for vegans such as chickpeas gravy and south Indian dairy free foods which can, yet again, help them enjoy these delicacies.

Middle Eastern

This might come as a surprise to you, but Arabs are not all about lamb chops and beef steaks but love their vegetables like any other. Trust us when we say this, Middle Eastern cuisines are your best bet if you’re in search for some vegan food in the city.

Most recipes, which include meat and non-veg items, are listed separately and you can safely ignore them. Just give the vegan dishes a try, and let us know if you feel anything short of divinely full (unless, obviously, the restaurant wasn’t that good).


In conclusion, following the vegan diet in this day and age is a totally healthy decision and up to you, if you’re up for this challenge. So, if you’ve heard any rumours or “it is hard” from people, neglect them all. All you need is a little push, knowledge, and field research which we’ve parted with you from this article.

Today, hundreds of restaurants are open which serve vegetarian food only and such restaurants continue to open every day. So, go on, have a delicious vegan meal and don’t forget us!

This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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