Street Foods

Sure, New York is famous for its Michelin-starred restaurants, but have you heard about their famous street foods? Most of you know their famous pretzels and hotdog stands. But you will be surprised with the cuisine you will find around their street food stalls and trucks. We love New York for its sheer diversity!

From classic Italian pasta, American staples, to Asian foods. Let’s dive in and discover new flavors of New York street foods. Ready your taste buds! 

Uncle Gussy’s

Have you tried any Greek cuisines? Uncle Gussy’s is a famous food truck that serves authentic Greek food with its Tzatziki sauce specialty.  The family-run business started with hot dogs and pretzels in 1971 and expanded its menu to Greek cuisine. If you ask the locals, their stuffed pita sandwich is a must-try. 

You can find them at 345 Park Ave, New York.

Sabrett Hotdogs

Hotdogs and pretzels are classic American street food, and it has always been the go-to of every New York native. Sabrett hotdogs are iconic, you can find them in several streets of New York, but the most popular one is in Central Park. Tourists love to take a classic photo opportunity with their hot dogs and blue-yellow umbrellas at Central Park. 

Look for the famous blue and yellow umbrella pushcarts in the streets of New York, and tell the vendor to have an all-the-way Sabrett!

Makina Ethiopian Food

Do you want a change of your go-to salad? Grab a hearty platter of injera. You can choose the vegetables you want in it, but the collard greens and red-lentil stew is the best choice, add beef or chicken for protein and a little bit of rice on the side. But, if you practice vegan or vegetarian and have dietary restrictions, you can request some recipe changes. Check out their trucks and have one of their specialties at 36-47 30th St, Queens. 

Korilla BBQ

Korean street food, sure! But have you seen a Korean barbecue in a street food format? Korilla BBQ brings authentic Korean cuisine. Their Korean-style burritos and Chosun rice bowls are famous among natives and tourists. You can now visit their sit-down locations in Downtown Brooklyn, Midtown, and Hells Kitchen. And oh, have that samgyeopsal with soju! 

NY Dosas

Let’s have an Indian cuisine this time. New York Dosas offers authentic South Indian dishes and are known for its delicious dosas. NY Dosas serves complete vegetarian dosas and hot samosas. The hotness and prices of their food are kind to your stomach, but the long crowd buzzing around this staple isn’t! Be early when you visit them at 50 Washington Square S! 

We can go on with the list, but let’s stop here for a while, or else you will be stuffed. As you are drowned by the drifting aromas around the streets, inviting you towards the exciting cuisines in the street food stalls, beware— you might bump someone bringing a hotdog, and the ketchup most likely stains you.

Do not worry about having a food stain during your visit to New York. If you need help removing the stain, drop off your clothes at the nearest wash & fold NYC blog, and they will help your clothes retain their flawless fabric; or you can search for laundry services before you take your trip to New York.