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Caffeine Addiction

Caffeine Addiction, Intoxication and Withdrawal: How It Affects Your Health

Caffeine addiction is the harmful use of caffeine for a particular period of time, which has a negative effect on your health and other aspects of your life. Some individuals only focus on the benefits...
Fura Da Nono

Benefits of Fura Da Nono

If you have never heard about Fura da nono, then the chances are that you have never noticed the beautiful Fulani women who walk the streets of Nigeria bearing Calabashes. Fura da nono is a...
Kunu Drink

Kunu: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Kunu Drink

Kunu is one natural drink in Nigeria that almost everyone loves. It is a non-alcoholic beverage made in the northern parts of Nigeria and sold across the country by northerners. What most people do not...

8 Fun Ways to Spend Time in a Coffee Shop

Be it a laborious day at the office or you have awakened to a gloomy week off, a cup of coffee is all that you crave for. Not always will you find yourself spending a...

Palmwine: 7 Amazing Health Benefits, Types and Side Effects

Palm wine is known as a natural drink that has found its way to different African cultures and traditions. This lovely drink has a sweet taste when it is freshly tapped from the source...
Herbal Teas

5 Healthy Herbal Teas You Should Try

Herbal teas have been around for centuries. It wasn't until recent decades, however, when people started to appreciate their refreshing tastes, health and wellness benefits. With varying herbal tea blends available today, finding the right...
Distilled Water

A Natural Way to Detox: 9 Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water

The human body contains a lot of water. In fact, we’re made up of 50—to 75% water. Water is crucial to body function and is the number one thing we require to survive. It’s the...
Processed Foods

Processed Foods: the Health Risks and Dangers

There's almost nowhere in the world where eating processed foods is considered a healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, processed foods have been blamed for problems such as the high obesity rate, Type...
A Blood Type Diet

A Blood Type Diet: (A Positive & A Negative) – Foods to Eat and...

Do you need to know more about the A blood type diet? you are in the right place. A lot of people think the only time their blood type is relevant is when a case...

Diet – an Introduction and Types

In recent times, there have been a couple of scientific studies that reveals the bitter truth about how diets do not really work for weight loss. While this is neither absolutely true nor absolutely false,...

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