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New 3D Face Mask May Solve Skin Problems

Everything 3D is the new cool these days. The advent of the three dimensional printing has led to massive wave of medical development.

Think about it, there are now prosthetic limbs that are now more advanced, doctors may now be able to print antibacterial teeth. And who knows, we just might be getting a 3D printed artificial heart soon.

This is 2019 and the 3D game is taking things a notch higher by helping us ease dry patches on our foreheads, smoothen fine lines around the eyes, and even brighten dull skin.

In Las Vegas a few months ago at the consumer electronic show, Neutrogena which is a cosmetic and skin care company introduced their latest tools to help customers solve their skin care concerns. This new problem solver is a 3D, face mask that is ultra-personalized.

This face mask is designed to fit your face’s shape snugly. In addition to its perfect fit, the products added to this 3D face mask allows you to target specific zones in your face so that you can easily achieve the result you desire.

However, people may begin to wonder whether or not a 3D printed face mask is an unnecessary extravagance since there are other face products that can help you get the exact results you seek.

But just maybe the personalized effect is what we all need at this point when it comes to dealing with face concerns. Experts have began to weigh in on the two sides of this argument.

How the face mask works?

3D Face Mask

In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in the popularity of sheet masks and face masks. These masks gave been touted as an easy and also soothing way to feed your skin with active ingredients and also address skin care concerns such as redness, pimples, and wrinkles without going through any form of pain.

You can get face masks for as low as $10 and as high as $75. However, though these masks are not all that costly, the fact that they are one size fits all makes them ill-fitting and uncomfortable for some people.

Also, a lot of people do not consider sheet masks the right answer to their skin care concerns. Like when you have redness on your checks and you find out that your sheet mask is targeting your forehead instead. If you are looking to even out pigmentation you want to do so on your upper lip and chin and not on your cheeks.

With these issues been a major concern to people, the Neutrogena company decide that printing around them may just the best way to get things sorted.

This 3D mask is known as the MaskiD and it is the next phase of Neutrogena’s Skin360 launch. The Skin360 launch is a smartphone enabled scanning tool that the company has claimed allows customers to get a dermatologist-grade reading for the needs of their skin.

The Skin360 tool works with the aid of led lighting  a 30-times magnification lens to get a more detailed and deeper reading of your skin’s health, as well as a moisture sensor.

What MaskiD does is to combine a 3D camera app with the Skin360 tool to make a detailed image of your face’s typography. The latest iPhones XS, XR, and X all have 3D cameras.

Using an online questionnaire or the skin360 tool, Neutrogena shares your 3D selfies into a total of 6 different skin care zones: the eye area, forehead, chin, nose, cheeks, and nasolabial folds.

After the sharing is done, the software process to select ingredients that will work perfectly to correct specific skin concerns. Once your mask is created, the company packs it and ships it directly to you.

The company hopes that the personalised masks will provide customers with satisfying results. Also, customers can check their skin progress using the Skin360 tool as it will encourage them to focus on areas that still need some beauty work.

Can a mask really solve skin care problems?

Masks have been around for a long time and have become more popular in recent times because the use of face masks is on easy and direct way to apply skin care products and hope for results.

Factually, face masks look and feel good and they also produce better and faster results than some topically applied products or medication.

According to a representative of the company, the 3D camera will capture every unique contour on the customers face to promote better skin coverage and adherence to the skin because when it comes to face masks, what sticks is all that matters.

Nevertheless, while this product may look like the solution to your skin problems, it is advisable that you do not invest all your hopes on it. Not only is there little or not evidence to show that a 3D mask has any health benefits to provide our skin, there is no science to back the effectiveness of face masks as a beauty product.

Even though face masks feel good on the skin, there is no science to prove that they indeed are healthy for you. Besides, face masks are cosmetics and that means they may also serve the purpose of adornment instead of fixing an actual problem.

Which means that if the company really intends to fix skin problems then producing medicine to serve that purpose would be a wiser and more convincing option.

However, the beautiful part of this product is the personalisation because it gives customers a more satisfying feeling. A personalised regime is healthier than a personalised face mask so if people must patronise this product, the company have to make a few adjustments.

What exactly are the benefits of this product?

The benefit of this product is not only the personalisation but how it can be used. The ingredients in the mask make milk moisturisers that will not cause any form of skin reaction or discomfort.

While the products in the mask will help to soothe discomfort and heal some conditions, the skin360 tool doesn’t run an actual diagnosis to help you identify the skin condition responsible for the reactions you are treating.

However, dermatologist may cease this tool as an option to help check a patient’s skin improvement. What are your thoughts on the 3D face mask, should people go for them out do you have any concerns? share your thoughts and opinions with us via the comment section.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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