Breathing Exercises

Weight loss shouldn’t always be about consuming tasteless salads or spending time at the gym doing intense workouts. The type of body you need can still be achieved easily through deep breaths.

If combined with simple physical exercises, deep breathing can make removing unwanted body fats even easier. Our body absorbs nutrients and speeds up metabolism when we practice deep breathing. This is possible because the body can absorb more significant amounts of oxygen that are healthy and very beneficial. We’d be discussing six out-of-the-box breathing techniques that are easy and fun to do.

1. Bottle breathing technique

This exercise is that combination of the well-known Frolov’s training and the body flex breathing exercises. All you need is an empty plastic bottle, and we are good to go.

This is done by getting in all fours and firmly hold the neck of the bottle between your teeth. Then slowly inhale and exhale, ensure you are using the diaphragmatic breathing. Since your mouth is busy, breathe in through your nose, then push the air out into the bottle, making sure you flex your diaphragm and stomach muscles.

It is imperative that you make short but strong exhales. Set a timer fits 10 or 15 minutes and exhale for as many times as possible. Don’t over-work yourself while doing this exercise. If you feel any discomfort or you are about to pass out, take a break and try again later.

2. Lion’s breathe

This exercise is often considered silly but it is absolutely great for your neck, and it helps to remove the double chin. Get a yoga mat, kneel and relax your buttocks on your feet. Then place your palms right between your legs while your back is arched upwards, with your arms straightened.

Breathe in through your nose, then strongly exhale through your mouth. This is more effective when you make the “ha” sound while exhaling. While exhaling, widely open your mouth and stick out your tongue as far out as possible towards your chin the way lions do. Ensure that your neck, chin and entire face feel the tension when you exhale. Do this 5-6 times.

3. Raised stretched-out foot pose

This exercise strengthens the lower back and psoas muscles, focuses on your abdominal muscles, and improves posture. This is done by lying down on a mat, have your knees raised up and stretch your legs. Place your palms down on each side of your pelvis. Exhale and have your hands behind your head and then straighten them at your elbows.

While exhaling, lift legs at an angle of 90° from the floor and maintain the position for about 15-20 seconds. Do the same with your legs at an of 60° and hold the position for about a minute. Keep your breathing on a steady rhythm. Exhale slowly and gently put your legs on the floor then relax.

4. Boat Pose

The boat pose technique affects all your muscles and abs. This exercise is done by sitting on a yoga mat with your knees bent and hold your hand out towards your legs and lean backward.

Have your abs engaged, your arms extended straight, and your legs straight up leaving your body take assume the V-shape. Hold the position for at least 15 seconds while you breathe slowly. Repeat process 3-5 times.

5. Chilling breathe

This exercise is effective in quenching hunger and thirst. It also helps to cool the mind and body down. In other words, it chills you.

It is done by assuming the lotus pose or any cross-legged position you’re comfortable doing. Then you stick out your tongue and roll it. Breathe through the curled tongue by inhaling for 4 seconds and exhale through your nose for 6 seconds. Do this for at least 5 minutes.

6. Scissors

This exercise helps to strengthen the transverse abdominals, strengthens your core and flattens your belly. You should lay down on your mat and join your legs together. Have your palms placed under your buttocks, the floor or your head. Then keep your back pressed down against the floor. Perform a session of inhaling and exhaling and pause.

Have your legs lifted above the floor and then lower the left leg few inches away from the mat. Lift your left leg and lower your right leg just the same way. (picture a working scissors). Repeat process 5-7 times, breathe in and relax.

Have you ever tried breathing exercises before? In what way were you affected? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.