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Condom Size Chart: Choosing the Best Condom Fit

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Having sex without the right condom fit could cause great discomfort. An external condom that is too small or too big can break or slip off your penis, increasing the risk of disease contamination and pregnancy.

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Your ability to orgasm could also be affected. That’s why it’s important to know your condom size in order to have a pleasurable and safe sex.

Condom sizes do vary across producers, so what’s “large” to one brand could be “medium” to another. But once you know your penis size, it’ll be easier to find the right condom size for you. Here’s how

How to measure?

To know what condom size fits best, you’ll need to measure your penis. You can measure with a ruler or measuring tape (preferable). It’s best to measure your penis while erect to get the right size.

Measuring a flaccid penis will only get you its minimum size, which means you’ll be purchasing a condom smaller than you need.

You’ll need to measure the length, circumference and width of your penis to know the right condom fit.

Note that the width is the diameter of your penis while the circumference is the roundness (the distance around the penis). To get the right numbers, you should measure your penis twice. Follow the steps below to measure your penis;

For length

  1. Place either a measuring tape or ruler at the base of your erect penis.
  2. Press the tape head or ruler as far as possible into your pubic bone. Fat could cover your penis’ exact length sometimes.
  3. Measure your erect penis from the base to the end of the tip.

For circumference

  1. Use a piece of string or flexible measuring tape (preferable),
  2. Gently wrap the tape or string around the fullest part of your penis’ shaft.
  3. If using a flexible measuring tape, just mark the tape once it goes around your penis.
  4. If you’re using a string, mark where the string meets and measure the distance with a ruler.

For width

You could determine your penis width the same way you’ll solve for the diameter of a circle. To do this, divide the girth measurement by 3.14 the resulting digit is your width.

Condom size chart

These condom sizes have been taking from online sources such as consumer review sites, online stores and product pages, so the data may not be 100 percent accurate, it is advised to check the product and confirm its size before purchase or use.

Brand/Condom Name Description/Style Size: Length and Width
Lifestyles Snugger Fit  reservoir tip, contoured shape, Lubricated, short and narrow fit Length: 7”

Width: 1.92”

Cautionwear Iron Grip Narrow fit, silicone-based lubricant with reservoir tip Length: 7”

Width: 1.92”

GLYDE Slimfit Vegan, nontoxic, chemical-free, extra thin Length: 6.7”

Width: 1.93”

Atlas True Fit Contoured shape, silicone-based lubricant, reservoir tip Length: 7.08”

Width: 2.08”

Cautionwear Black Ice Ultra thin, silicone-based lubricant, reservoir tip, transparent, parallel-sided Length: 7.08”

Width: 2.08”

Cautionwear Wild Rose Ribbed, parallel-sided, ultra smooth, silicone-based lubricant Length: 7.08”

Width: 2.08”

Cautionwear Classic Plain, classic shape, silicone-based lubricant, reservoir tip, parallel-sided Length: 7.08”

Width: 2.08

GLYDE Slimfit Organic Strawberry Flavored Vegan, nontoxic, chemical-free, extra thin, made with natural organic strawberry extract Length: 6.7”

Width: 1.93”

Sir Richard’s Ultra Thin Sheer, clear, natural latex, smooth, vegan, silky lubricant Length: 7.08”

Width: 2.08”

Sir Richard’s Pleasure Dots Straight-sided, vegan, natural latex with no spermicide, raised studded dots Length: 7.08”

Width: 2.08”

Regular fit

Brand/Condom Name Description/Style Size: Length and Width
L. Condoms Classic Vegan-friendly, chemical-free, latex, lubricated Length: 7.48”

Width: 2.08”

ONE Pleasure Plus Ribbed inside, pouch at tip, silicone-based lubricant Length: 7.6”

Width: 2.08”

Lifestyles Turbo latex,  reservoir tip, Lubricated inside and outside, flared shape, Length: 7.5”

Width: 2.10”

Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations  silky lubricant, reservoir tip, Flared shape, ribbed and contoured Length: 7.9”

Width: 2.10”

L. Condoms Do {Each Other} Good Ribbed, vegan-friendly, chemical-free, latex, lubricated Length: 7.48”

Width: 2.08”

ONE Vanish Hyperthin Ultra-soft latex, reservoir tip, lubricated, 35% thinner than standard ONE condom Length: 7.5”

Width: 2.08”

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel Latex-free,  reservoir tip, ultra thin, lubricated, easy on shape Length: 7.5”

Width: 2.13”

Kimono Textured Ribbed with raised dots, silicone-lubricated, ultra thin Length: 7.48”

Width: 2.05”

Beyond Seven with Aloe  Water lubricant with aloe, Thin, soft, made with Sheerlon latex Length: 7.28”

Width: 2”

Beyond Seven Studded Gently studded, super thin, made with Sheerlon latex, gently lubricated, light blue tinted color Length: 7.28”

Width: 2”

Okamoto Crown Lightly lubricated, natural rubber latex, super thin Length: 7.5”

Width: 2.05”

Lifestyles Extra Strength Thick latex, lubricated, reservoir tip, sensitive Length: 7.5”

Width: 2.09”

Trojan Intense Ribbed Ultrasmooth Ribbed, premium lubricant, reservoir end, bulb head Length: 7.87”

Width: 2.09”

Durex Extra Sensitive Ultra fine, extra sensitive, fitted shape, lubricated, reservoir tip, Length: 7.5”

Width: 2.04”

Kimono microthin Sheer, straight-sided, natural rubber latex Length: 7.48”

Width: 2.05”

Larger fit

Brand/Condom Name Description/Style Size: Length and Width
Lifestyles SKYN Large Latex-free, straight shape with reservoir end, soft, ultra-smooth lubricant Length: 7.87”

Width: 2.20”

L. Large Condoms Vegan-friendly, chemical-free, latex, lubricated, extended bulb Length: 7.48”

Width: 2.20”

Kimono Maxx  thin, contoured shape with reservoir tip, Larger headroom Length: 7.68”

Width: 2.05”

Trojan Magnum Ribbed  Silky lubricant, reservoir tip, Spiral ribs at base and tip, tapered base, latex Length: 8.07”

Width: 2.13”

Okamoto BIG BOY Made with Sheerlon latex, odourless, flared head, ultra thin Length: 7.87”

Width: 2.24”

Sir Richard’s Extra Large Straight-sided, lubricated, chemical-free, natural latex, vegan-friendly Length: 7.28”

Width: 2.20”

ONE the Legend XL silicone-based lubricant, Flared shape, reservoir tip, easy on Length: 8.9”

Width: 2.20”

Durex XXL Natural rubber latex, low latex odour, pleasant scent, lubricated, reservoir tip Length: 8.46”

Width: 2.24”

Lifestyles KYNG Gold Flared shape with reservoir tip, low odour, specially lubricated Length: 7.87”

Width: 2”

Trojan Magnum Tapered base, reservoir tip, silky lubricant, latex Length: 8.07”

Width: 2.13”

How to wear a condom properly?

Selecting the right fit won’t count if you don’t put the condom on correctly. If you can’t wear it the right way, it is more likely to fall off or break.

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This implies that it won’t be effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) or pregnancy. Here’s how to put a condom on correctly.

  1. Check the expiration date. An expired condom is less effective and more likely to break as the material starts to wear off.
  2. Check for wear and tear. Condoms kept in a purse or wallet may be folded or sat on. This can break down the material.
  3. Carefully open the wrapper. Don’t use your teeth as this may tear the condom.
  4. Place the condom on the tip of your erect penis. Pinch the condom tip to let out air and create a reservoir.
  5. If the condom doesn’t have lubrication, apply some water-based lube on it. Avoid oil-based lubes as they may cause the condom to wear and break easily.
  6. After ejaculating on the condom, hold onto its base while pulling it off, to keep it from pulling off.
  7. Pull the condom off and tie a knot at the end. Wrap in a tissue and dispose of in a trash.

What if the condom is too big or too small?

When you use the right condom fit, you’re much more likely to prevent STIs and pregnancy. Most condoms fit the average penis size, so if your penis – when erect – measures slightly above 5 inches, you could use a “snug” fit just fine.

But don’t go for just any condom. Oftentimes, length is the same across different types and brands. But when selecting a condom, girth and width are extremely important. This is where comfort comes in.

A condom that is too large in width may not function effectively and slip off. A condom that feels too tight around the base or tip of your penis is likely to break.

Does the condom material matter?

Condom materials also vary across brands. Though most manufacturers produce condoms with latex, some producers offer non-latex alternatives for those who like variety or are allergic to latex. These materials include:

Polyisoprene: polyisoprene is like latex but without the chemicals that cause allergic reactions. It’s thicker than polyurethane but is less like rubber and has a soft feel. These type of condoms have more elasticity when compared to polyurethane.

Polyurethane: polyurethane is a type of plastic material and is the most popular alternative to latex condoms. Polyurethane condoms tend to conduct heat better and are thinner than latex condoms.

Lambskin: lambskin is one of the oldest materials used for making condoms. It’s produced from a membrane inside a sheep’s intestine called cecum. It’s thin, fully bio-degradable, effective in heat conduction and durable. But unlike other condoms, lambskin condoms cannot prevent STIs.

What about inside condoms?

Inside condoms protect against STIs and pregnancy just as outside condoms do. They are pre-lubricated with silicon-based lubes and are made from synthetic latex. But inside condoms – unlike it’s opposite – only comes in one size made to fit most vaginal canals.

You can get inside condoms at most pharmaceutical shops, health clinics and online stores. You should never use outside and inside condoms at the same time. Both condoms can stick together and slip off, or break because of too much friction.

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The bottom line

Choosing the right condom fit can be confusing and even a little frustrating sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be! Once you’re able to measure your penis size, choosing the best condom size wouldn’t be a problem.

Not only is choosing the best condom to fit significant in preventing disease transmission and pregnancy, but it also helps in enhancing sexual pleasures and comfort and can also boost your orgasm. Write down the measurements and start shopping!

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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