Hair Loss After Giving Birth

One of the most common problems women encounter after delivery is hair loss. All throughout pregnancy, hormones responsible for your hair growth go into a lag phase which is a normal occurrence for now-mothers.

However, this disorder is not grim enough to cause patchy spots or even permanent hair loss.

Hair experts say that this only should last about 3-4 months right after giving birth. Otherwise, you might be vitamin or mineral deficient which should be regarded and be taken into account.

Why Women are Prone to Hair Loss after Pregnancy

The usual period of hair loss happens at around three months right after giving birth. The sudden upsurge in your hormones during pregnancy period prevents you from losing your hair.

It is another story when you give birth. What happens right after delivery is that the hormones are stabilizing and proceed to returning to the normal level.

And one of the effects is your hair loss that happens more than usual. The normal hair loss that was supposed to happen during pregnancy is happening after giving birth.

This phase lets the hair to fall out and be able to get back to the usual cycle. There is up to around 70% hair in the growth phase that may arrive into lag phase/rest state.

The hair loss usually heights at around 4 months right after giving birth because your hair follicles revitalize at this point.

Hair Loss Be Related Not Just to Pregnancy but to Other Reasons?

Although hair loss happens naturally, it can also indicate some serious health problems. Hair loss happens when there is an alteration in the estrogen level or hormonal level.

Some of the most common reasons for hair loss are cessation of birth control pills intake, miscarriage or stillbirth, abortion and lastly, a hormonal imbalance.

Tips For to Answer your Hair Loss Problems during Pregnancy and After Delivery

For a much healthier hair condition and reduction of hair loss throughout your pregnancy and after giving birth, there are certain things that you can do. The first and most important is to consult with your doctor to safeguard a right hormonal balance.

You should not tie your hair often that adds up to the tug and stress you are giving to your hair follicles. Another tip is to eat a high fiber diet therefore; you need to add more fruits and vegetables in your plate. These have more flavonoids and antioxidants that can give defense for your hair and promote hair growth.

It is also helpful if you take supplements like Vitamin B, vitamin C, zinc and Biotin. It is best to consult this to your doctor first to avoid toxicity and other related problems.

Also, you need to use mild shampoos and conditioners that contain minerals essential for hair growth. Usually, this is biotin.

One can also refer to the best dandruff shampoo tips and hair growth advice online for this matter. And lastly, when combing, you have to use big tooth combs to avoid hair breakage.