4 Serious Car Accident Injuries and How to Deal With Them

Millions of people are involved in car accidents every year. Some get minor bruises that can heal without medical treatment.

However, there are cases where accident injuries are severe, leading to permanent physical disabilities. Aside from that, people affected by accidents can suffer from mental health problems.

When you’re suffering from a severe injury because of a car accident, you need to work with a skilled injury lawyer, like the Law Office of Jennifer Donaldson, to help you with your claim.

If you get proper legal help, the other party may compensate you for the damages and you can return to normal life. Here are some of the severe car accident injuries and how you can deal with them.

Head Injuries

Brain or head injuries happen when the brain is damaged because of a blow or something pierces the head, like shattered glass.

The injury can be a non-fatal one. For example, if the head hits the steering wheel during a minor collision, it can lead to a simple injury, like a bruise or lacerations.

Sometimes, there can be a concussion, where your brain bumps inside your skull. A concussion can affect the chemical changes in your brain.

However, there are times that the head injury may look simple but if it’s not appropriately treated, it can cause a long-term disability. Furthermore, serious accidents that make a car flip upside down can cause severe damage.

Although this may feel like a manageable headache, it can be dangerous as 50,000 people die because of a brain injury, while almost 90,000 suffer from permanent disability every year.

Psychological Disorders

Aside from physical injuries, you may suffer from mental and emotional disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression.


You’ll disregard the things you typically do or avoid those included in your routine because of the mental trauma. For example, you may have witnessed someone dying or suffered a personal loss.

Mental trauma can disturb both the driver and the passengers, and there’s a possibility that you’ll get scared of driving. To help you overcome this problem, you need someone that can help you manage your anxiety and provide you with the tools to lessen your stress.

Don’t rush things and ask for a professional’s assistance because they can help you heal the right way.

Broken Bones and Fracture

Car Accident

Broken bones and fractures are some of the most common injuries you can get in a car accident. Such injuries can also be serious. A person’s ribs are fragile, and a sudden and forceful impact can cause them to break.

Aside from that, you can be in pain when the accident puts too much force on your body and your bones can’t withstand it.

Bone fractures without open wounds only need a cast. However, a compound fracture can puncture the skin, and it requires surgery. You need a physician’s diagnosis when you can’t move a body part or if it’s severely painful.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding is one of the most severe injuries from a car accident. This can be caused by severe trauma. There are times that it’s difficult to detect internal bleeding unless there’s a significant blood clot pressuring the organs.

Two kinds of injuries can lead to internal bleeding, penetrating trauma, and blunt trauma.

  • Penetrating Trauma: This injury happens when an object, such as shattered glass, pierces the body, creating holes in your blood vessels.
  • Blunt Trauma: This happens when your body hits the steering wheel, seatbelt, or windshield, tearing the blood vessels in your body. There’s a probability that you’ll have internal bleeding due to blunt trauma.

Internal bleeding is dangerous when it’s not treated as soon as the collision happens. Therefore, you must seek medical assistance immediately. If you disregard the injury and leave it untreated, it can make you lose your sensibility, or it can cause death.


Dealing With Car Accident Injuries

Coping up with the stress after a car accident may be difficult, especially if you sustain serious injuries and develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

Therefore, don’t overlook your mental wellness and consider these to start feeling better.

  • Think about your rights.
  • Ensure that you get compensated.
  • Pay attention to yourself.
  • Eat healthy foods and hydrate yourself.
  • Continue with your hobbies.
  • Ask for a companion.
  • Learn how to handle stress.


Getting involved in a car accident can be dangerous to your physical and mental health. The above discussion will help you to take immediate action. Don’t take injuries lightly and remember to tackle the mental health aspects as well.

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