Home Security Systems

It’s time to take home security seriously. With smart home security systems 2020, you get more security and control features than ever before for your home.

With special features like infrared detectors, window sensors, automatic sirens, HD recordings, and connectivity to Google and Alexa, home security systems are now becoming more advanced.

In this review, we’ve compared the best smart home security systems in 2020, including the features you can expect and the home security systems that work best for DIY versus professional surveillance.



SimpliSafe is a specially designed home protection platform, featuring a vase-shaped base station, built-in siren, and a host of supportive sensors that can spread throughout your home.

They are designed to detect movement in the house, control the entry of door, window entrances, as well as floods and fires. Installation is quick and easy, and very easy to expand, with a wide range of sensors, optional security cameras, and even professional 24/7 monitoring.

Arming and disabling the system is easy for the whole family, and they have a battery-powered keypad and keys. Best of all, thanks to the partnership with design gurus IDEO, SimpliSafe is one of the most fantastic security packages.

Simplisafe continues to get bigger, smarter, and more secure hardware updates. It also added new products like SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro and SimpliSafe Smart Lock for its front door, which supports HD video surveillance and two-way chat, with remote locking and personalized PINs for convenient access.

The two devices reinforce an already compelling platform for smart home security systems.

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Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit (2nd Generation)

Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit (2nd Generation)

This is one of the affordable and smart home security systems that doesn’t disappoint in value, features, or performance. The smart starter kit includes a base station, keypad, touch sensor, motion sensor, and range extender.

Together, it’s the perfect package to protect access to a small house or apartment, and you can set it all up yourself with the settings provided by the Ring app. It also supports Alexa voice commands.

You can easily add sensors to detect movement of doors and windows or doorbells or an external security camera for more comprehensive protection.

The ring also offers other home protection products such as flood and frost alarm sensors, a panic alarm, smoke, and a carbon detector. At the same time, outdoor security can be increased with the company’s range of smart lights.

Although you’ll pay a monthly token fee ($10) for professional monitoring, the Ring Alarm Kit is recommended for those who want to add professional functionality to their DIY system. You can also upgrade to an 8 or 14 piece kit for multiple devices.

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If the thought of installing your home security systems leaves you cold, professionally installed options are always available.

While Vivint is undoubtedly not the cheapest platform on the market, you can tailor the system to your needs by choosing from a vast range of high-quality security devices, including thermostats, cameras, doorbells, doors, and lights sensors, smart locks and more.

Once you’ve designed your dream system, installation is affordable, and we find the service to be top-notch. While there are plenty of customization options, controlling the system is easy thanks to the wall-mounted touchscreen and smartphones, as well as Alexa/Google Assistant compatibility.

Vivint also offers a variety of professional tracking services, ranging from around $30 to $40 per month. If your budget is in the thousands range and you’re looking for a superior home security experience, Vivint is worth exploring.

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Nest Secure

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Are you okay with skipping the professional surveillance system services that you don’t have to pay for every month? Nest offers one of the best solutions on the market for those already comfortable with their own smart homes.

Nest Secure also provides a hub with a motion sensor and a Nest Detect satellite sensor to protect windows, doors, and other areas. There is also a unique Tag device that allows people or pets to pass the sensors without activating them.

Buy as many sensors as you desire, add a couple of Nest cameras, and build your home security systems. But have it in mind that the cost of buying a Nest device can be on the high side.

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Abode Iota

Abode Iota

While the first-gen Abode Security Starter Kit didn’t marvel us in terms of quality, we found it to be a reliable budget option, with a versatile sensor, broad compatibility with third-party devices, and easy to use.

Abode Iota is the company’s new starter kit, with clean lines and smart device control. The current Iota smart security kit includes a large tracking center with an integrated HD camera, a 93-decibel siren, and two-way audio communication capabilities.

It is designed to be placed centrally in front of the entrance. You also get a mini sensor for doors or windows and a small keypad designed to fit like a key ring to your key ring for easy but secure mounting and removal.

Unlike competitors who focus exclusively on security, Abode Iota doubles as a smart home controller. Device support is extensive, with Abode’s exclusive SecureRF radio, Zigbee PRO, Z-Wave, and onboard Wi-Fi to connect up to 160 devices, while partnerships with Yale, Kwikset, Hue, Ecobee, Philips Hue and others increase your credibility as the hub of the smart home.

But Abode has plenty of sensors and accessories that you can add your brand as well, which lists them as one of the top home security systems providers.

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ADT DIY 15-Piece LifeShield

ADT DIY 15-Piece LifeShield

ADT undoubtedly remains one of the most traditional and trusted home security brands on the market and has been working on smart home platforms since the launch of ADT Pulse in 2010.

Today, the home security system company is happy to bring you a budget for a personalized, professional-Installed option or help you install another do-it-yourself kit while providing monitoring.

LifeShield sets are incredibly complete, and this 15-piece version has everything you need to turn even bigger homes into safe and smart homes.

These include a hub, entry keypad, internal camera, six window, and door sensors, two motion sensors (designed to ignore pets), a fire protection sensor, a key, and a set of natural sensors of ADT that sticks around the house.

You can also customize the type of mobile alerts you want to receive based on detected movements, door openings, fire alarms, etc.

As you would expect from ADT, a variety of professional monitoring plans are available 24/7 for added protection and peace of mind.

It probably might not be the cheapest option, but ADT’s revamped smart home security systems seem like a safe bet for those who like to spend their money on established carriers.

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Link Interactive IQ2

Link Interactive kit is a good option for those looking for traditional home security systems with professional monitoring, detection, and locking devices and packages that take over the process for you.

The Link Interactive also has monitoring and controls from the app. That’s why Link Interactive has advanced protection, such as an electrical configuration that keeps the system active if a thief tries to disable it.

Many traditional brands have been attempting to upgrade their services with smart home technology, and Link Interactive security kit is one of the most successful.

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Scout has a much more flexible model than many other home security systems brands. You can create your own system, including the components you want and the color and finish you want.

Or you can buy a kit somewhere like Amazon. Supervision is monthly, so there are no long-term contracts, but it will cost you an additional $20 per month for professional monitoring.

There is also a $10 self-check plan. But the app is easy to use and gives you quick alerts if any alarms go off.

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Protect America

Protect America security systems offers customizable plans that allow you to add all kinds of smart devices to your home security systems, from door sensors to Amazon Echo devices.

Everything is shipped at the same time, and they install everything for you. The prices may vary but tend to be a bit low, and the prices are fixed.

If other traditional home security brands don’t work much for you, Protect America is definitely on the lookout for you and your home.

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Honeywell Smart Home Security System

Honeywell Smart Home Security System

These home security systems kit comes with a camera base station, two window and door access sensors, and a key with remote control. The base station has an HD camera, siren, and Alexa smart speaker.

They also include features like facial recognition and motion detection. And there is also support for Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Z-Wave Plus. It is an entirely do-it-yourself system without professional supervision.

For those who don’t want to deal with contracts and wish to manage their own security, this can be a good option. To check out more information and also shop for Honeywell home security kits, click here.


As far as protecting your home is concerned, you deserve quality and reliability, without losing your hands and feet. Fortunately, peace of mind is much cheaper and easier today than it used to be.

Additionally, most companies have adopted the latest home automation technology and now offer useful features that were not available five years ago.

There are various home security systems on the market, so to make it easier for you, our team researched and tested all of the major home security brands, concluding the above top 10 home security systems review.

We compared their features, prices, ease of use, customer service, customer reviews, brand reputation, and more.