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5 Reasons Why Plastic Surgery is on the Rise

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Every year more and more people undergo plastic surgery to achieve the body they dream of. While some preach body positivity and talk about the importance of accepting yourself just the way you are, others believe that cosmetic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of and can actually help you practice self-love.

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), plastic surgery is on the rise. Nearly 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in 2018.

Surgical procedures such as breast augmentation or liposuction saw a significant increase from the previous year. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures are also on the rise, with Botox and fillers being at the top of the list.

Regardless of the public’s perception on the matter, getting plastic surgery is a deeply personal choice and before you decide if you should go for it or not, you must educate yourself on the subject as much as possible.

It’s important to contact reliable sources and ask for information from experts in the domain, such as Cohen Plastic Surgery to help you understand what cosmetic surgery involves and if it’s right for you.

But what makes people so interested in these procedures and why is cosmetic surgery a growing trend? Experts have analysed the data and came up with a few answers:

Social media

It’s impossible to scroll through an Instagram feed or go on YouTube without seeing a few persons who’ve had cosmetic surgery and even documented it.

Social media has put a spotlight on all of us and by doing so it brought a constant pressure of trying to look perfect all the time and at any age. The new beauty standards set by social media can only be achieved through plastic surgery.


Since everything is out in the open because of social media, people are being more comfortable when it comes to admitting they’ve had work done. There’s still some stigma associated with cosmetic procedures, but nowadays people no longer feel ashamed if they’ve had a nose job or breast augmentation.


In the past, only celebrities and the super-rich could afford to undergo plastic surgeries. Today, almost anyone who has a decent income can pay for a cosmetic intervention.

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You no longer have to break the bank to get a facelift or body sculpting. Moreover, people now have financing options to help them pay for cosmetic work.


Going under the knife is never a pleasant thought, even if it’s for esthetical reasons. But new medical and technological advances have made plastic surgery safer than ever. The constant innovations in the field reassure patients they’re going to receive great treatment and achieve the results they’re expecting.


Maybe having perfectly chiselled features won’t solve all your issues, but it will surely boost your confidence. We can’t talk about well-being without touching the subject of mental health.

The psychological benefits of being happy with the way you look and feeling comfortable in your own skin can’t be overlooked. So looks, self-esteem and health go hand in hand.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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